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Nike Jordan line of shoes began hitting the sporty shoe scene in 1985, when the very first Air Nike shoes were introduced. This is the same time that Nike and Michael Jordan teamed up and worked extra hard to revolutionize the conventional basketball shoe. Since then, Nike has continuously released a superb line of shoes commonly referred to as Air Jordan. Their popularity has continually grown ever since their introduction and it is not just about to wane. Jordan shoes are not only exquisite in style and appearance, but they also offer immense comfort to the wearer. When Nike first presented their line of shoes, Nike was mainly identical to other sports shoes for joggers and runners. They thus wanted to test the waters and cater to a different line of shoes and that’s how they started manufacturing basketball game shoes. air jordan 1 i retro alpha university blue white black

It is during this time that Michael Jordan rose to being a basketball star. This is when Nike grabbed this once in a lifetime opportunity and capitalized on his popularity; paid a total sum of 2.5 million dollars to Michael Jordan and the Jordan sneakers were born. Jordan 1 was the name given to the first Jordan shoes that was designed by Peter Moore in 1985. They came in mixed colors of red and black. University blue colors are also available. These shoes were vibrant looked very attractive. White shoes were the only color of shoes that was allowed at the NBA games. At that time, NBA passionately opposed the vivacious colors introduced by Nike and consequently, a ban was levied. Nevertheless, Michael Jordan still wore these shoes in his basketball games. Sadly, every time he wore these shoes in a game, he was fined $5000 because it was against the rules.

This kind of treatment made the Jordan sneakers become exceptionally popular among the public and every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanted to own a pair of these shoes. Since then, Jordan has been constantly introducing new designs every time and they have so far managed to stay on top of the game.

When it comes to quality and performance, the Jordan shoes have been rated the best by sport lovers and basketball players worldwide. Consumers have praised these shoes and termed them to be above and beyond any other type of sport air shoe available in the market today. Nike has employed the Independent Popular Suspension technology commonly known as the IPS Cushioning that lends more bounce to these shoes. This places them in a class of their own. The carbon fiber plate at the bottom of the sole provides the wearer with extra and long term support and comfort.

Talking of appearance, this line of shoes is basically unique in looks with various models engraved with the renowned Michael Jordan’s signature. The signature is found on the cap of the toe. These shoes present a stitched pattern on the sides, thus providing the shoe with added durability and strength. The stitches also make it look and also feel nice.

Owning a pair of Jordan shoes is something to be proud of and the best part is that you can have it in your vintage collection. For extreme fans and lovers of shoes, the Jordan shoe line has also introduced a number of packages. You can find your pair of Jordan sneakers at well-known retail outlets, online or even in your nearest boutiques. However, beware of procuring fake Jordan shoes – they are all over the place.You can refer to How to Avoid Fake Air Jordans! air jordan 1 i retro alpha black varsity royal white

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