Latest Jordan Sneaker News air jordan 4 retro oreo 2015 air jordan 4 retro oreo 2015

Brand new Jordans come out every so often, most of which are limited edition. If you are a sneaker fan, then staying up to date on all the Jordan release dates is a must. One of the main reasons why Jordan sneakers have become so increasingly popular is not only because the great Michael Jordan has a lot to do with the design himself, but because they are made with state of the art material that no other sneaker brand can compare to. The November releases of 2014 has definitely gained a ton of interest from sneaker fans, as they are really uniquely designed and look nothing like any other sneaker on the market. air jordan 4 retro releases spring

Latest Jordan Sneaker News

The retro releases and signature shoes of Jordan have recently came out this November with them having such a a variety of different styles and colors. One of the long awaited shoes of Jordan would have to be the Air Jordan 4 “Oreo” which will be coming out on February of 2015. This shoe design has a very keen color palette resemblance to an Oreo, and have been constructed to have the same classic design of regular Air Jordans. What sets it apart from all the other sneakers being released next year is the fact that they don’t have such a crazy design, and were built to withstand crazy conditions allowing them to stay durable and intact for a longer period of time. They definitely have a timeless design like most shoes from the Jordan brand, and will definitely not disappoint critics and consumers whatsoever.

Jordan has also claimed to be adding a couple new features to their shoes, where they have promised to amp up the durability, comfort, while also providing more variety of colors as well. There will always be new shoes coming out made from Jordan, and one thing that is for sure is that all of them will always be made with a unique style and superior quality. Air Jordans are classic sneakers that will never go out of style, as new designs will continuously be made to be even better than the last. air jordan 4 retro oreo 2015

Usually it takes awhile for them to discover new technology for these shoes to best find the right look and innovation. The upcoming Air Jordan 4 “Oreo” is definitely a fan favorite for customers, and it is one of the few that is taking stronger shoes to a new level in the shoe industry.

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