The Air Jordan Sneaker Release Date

Air Jordan sneakers has come a very long way to be recognized as one of the best sneakers .It was originally released as Nike basketball shoe, on its struggle to be the best shoe in the market it propel the shoe industry and the game itself to the top. Michael Jordan made his appearance on the launch of the air Jordan goods this made the industry as well as the game itself to be transformed a great deal. It is amazing that each and every year a new brand of the air Jordan legacy is added.Each and every brand of the Air Jordan increases the quality and the performance of the athletics shoes.

The following is a list of the air Jordan release date that have already been released

2014:July- November 2011:July-December

2014:January-June 2011:January-June

2014:January – June 2010 July-December

2013:July-December 2010:January-June

2012:July-December 2009:January-December

2012:January-December 2008:January-December

The following is the 2014 Jordan release ;Air Jordan xx9 i.e legend blue

Air Jordan 4 lab1
Air Jordan 4 lab1

Air Jordan 4 lab1,Air Jordan 1 retro high og blac,Jordan spiz’ ike air Jordan13 Air Jordan 11 retro,Jordan melo 11 Jordan super.fly3 Jordan cp3.viii

air jordan Hornets retro 13
air jordan Hornets retro 13

Hornets retro 13; it is a one of a kind sneaker that Jordan himself was sported wearing it in one occation thow its unfortunate that the color of the retro 13 that he was wearing was only made for him and not the public

air jordan Retro 3’s
air jordan Retro 3’s

Retro 3’s; Another type of the Jordan sneaker is vary famous this is due to the fact that Jordan had them on when he flew right from the throw line .it is unfortunate that the shoes are not being released to the market again and if that happen it will only be for a short period so one is urged to by them while stock last

air jordan Retro14
air jordan Retro14

Retro14; This is one of the sneakers that was designed by Nike Jordan wore them in the Chicago bull during the time that he won his 6th championship the shoes were designed to resemble his is going to take a very long time before any new color of retro 14 comes out again so it is advisable if one missed the shoe to Order them from the internet.When Jordan wore the shoes in 1998 he had an outstanding performance this shows how great the shoes are.

It is interesting to note that all company producing sneakers do mark there calendars with Jordan release dates 2014. Every year that passes every sneaker producing company do there best to beat the sneakers produced by Jordan sneaker but they have never succeeded as the Jordan brand remain to be the best in the market

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