A Peek at Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Citrus

Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GS Citrus

Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GS Citrus
Style Code: 580521-139
Release Date: June 20, 2015
Price: $120

Since the start of the new millennium, girls Air Jordan 11 Retro Low “Citrus” have become the staple within the line of sneakers for the lovely ladies. Around the time of their release, the Jordan company had gone on a tear releasing several colorways under the Jordan 11 Silhouette which had been aimed strictly for women. There is an effervescent quality to the series and a nice feminine touch to broaden the heralded brand as an equal opportunist for both genders.
Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GS Citrus

Sneaker News has reported that the brand’s look was so unusual for a Jordan shoe, that several men had tried on various pairs of the women’s shoes to add the new look to their dimension of style. After a long 14 year sabbatical, the Citrus line is moving full steam ahead and catapulted itself back onto the store shelves on June 20th of this year. Although there have been a few press images released here and there, samples have eluded every possible resource for feedback or reviews of any kind.

Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GS Citrus

Uniquely Great Craftsmanship

This fresh sneaker is made up of predominantly of lighter-bodied colors which incorporates a creamy orange tonal scheme which weaves in and out of the shoe. The upper mesh is of a solid white and it has an interlocking of patented leather which wraps and creates a bit of the baseline for the entire shoe. The finishing look which is accredited to it is is a fantastic upper, creates that citrus flavor which flashes out brightly what it is all about. The colors almost look appetizing, kind of resembling the classic orange cream popsicle.

You can really see a point of giving women the kind of elements that they would likely enjoy in this particular pair of sneakers. There is just a feeling that is so special, even the construction right down to the less aggressive stitching looks like it was employed for the sole intention of the female species. The outsole has a bit of a mesmerizing translucent character that is not seen too often these days.

Air Jordan Retro 11 Low GS Citrus

Put Your Game Face On

The traction has a real sticky, well-gripping craftsmanship to it that showcases how a woman’s athletic shoe ought to be made. Any woman who tries these sneakers on with B-Ball in mind is going to be humbly surprised at just how well this shoe generally works for the person wearing it. The Citrus has great breaking potential and the function of assuming quick, sharp turns and corners is almost uncanny. This Jordan release date of the Air Jordan 11 Low “Citrus” has woman ready to put their game faces on and head out onto the court.

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