Jordan Classic Comes Back in the Market

April has finally arrived, and Jordan Brands did not make any April Fool’s Day a joke when they mentioned about the release of some shoes from the line of classic Jordan. It seems like it is going to be a throwback of the previous designs of Jordan as the fans of this shoe brand are glued on the classic Jordan shoes.

News have been circulating on the return of Air Jordan 5 in the market and the release of some more Jordan classics that men and even women would surely love to wear.
Air Jordan 5 White/Metallic
Air Jordan 5 is Back

It was a significant weekend for the fans of Jordan sneakers as Air Jordan 5 came back with a white and metallic color theme last April 4. This shoe brand was first released in the year 2000. Today, it serves as one of Jordan’s retro+ offerings.

When this shoe was first released, this pair became known for its black and metallic styles. But with its comeback, it is now more experimental when it comes to colors. This spells the re-mastering approach of Jordan as a brand.

The long wait is over as Air Jordan 5 is now being sold for $190 in the market — quite a great price for such a stylish and quality brand of sneakers.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Hare
Hare Jordan’s Return

On April 4, 2015, Hare Jordan was also released again with some changes on the color theme and some more updates on the previous design. The theme would surely entice more Jordan fans to have this one on their shoe racks.

Millennials surely missed the tandem of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, which was a big hit several years ago. These two characters first appeared in a commercial about 23 years ago, which was quickly followed by a movie called Space Jam, which was released in the year 1996. The movie became a box office hit as both kids and adults queued up in cinemas in order to watch the popular movie.

Today, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny team up once again in the release of Hare Jordan shoes. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Hare would surely catch your attention with its white and silver upper that is combined with a multi-colored tongue that was inspired by the carrot of Bugs Bunny, thus making the design even more interesting for fans.

Some other classic Jordan sneakers were released this month — all of which were popular designs that penetrated the market several years back. The more modern designs were made more colorful as well as experimental that would fit into the preference of the target market today.

The classic Jordan release date remains one of the talked about topics online. Even in those years when social media was not yet popular, a lot of fans have been talking about these classic designs from Jordan. With this set of classic sneakers, most of them were released last April 4. Many would again line up at Jordan outlets and sports specialty stores in order to get hold of their favorite classic that has returned to the market.

Which Jordan classic did you save for?

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