The Air Jordan 11LAB4 Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Air Jordan 4 Retro 11Lab4 Black White”

Air Jordan 11LAB4
Style Code:719864-010
Release Date:April 25, 2015

The new black Air Jordan 11LAB4 shoe will be coming out in stores not too long from now. In fact, an official Jordan release date has already been announced.

Air Jordan 4 Retro 11Lab4 Black White

This new shoe will be out in stores on April 25 and will go for $225. This is a big value but it will be one that should be explored quite well based on what’s featured in the shoe. It will be one of the top sneakers to check out in terms of the world of sneaker news.

The design for this sneaker features a mixture of the silhouette from the Air Jordan 4 plus the patent leather used in the Air Jordan 11, hence the name of the shoe. The most prominent part of the shoe comes from the mostly black tone of the shoe.

The shoe does have a few white accents around its heels. This is a part of the midsole that stands out. However, it is still black for the most part. There are many accents around the textures of the shoes that continue to make them look attractive and suitable for all kinds of usage needs.
Air Jordan 4 Retro 11Lab4 Black White

The appearance of the shoes makes for a dramatic contrast when compared with the red version of the exact same shoe. While the red version is vibrant and easy to spot in a crowd, the black version is a little more streamlined and designed to create a more intense look.

The textures that are used here are especially designed to create some attractive tones that make for a more entertaining and fashionable shoe to check out. This shoe will especially have a nice design that can reflect light quite well and will be easy for all people to spot from a good distance.

The bottom part of the sole will also be attractive with a fine texture that features a series of smart grooves that are mostly consistent and create enough zones for stepping. This is designed with a fine body that is attractive and will create some of the best materials that one can have.

Air Jordan 4 Retro 11Lab4 Black White

Much of this includes the famous Jordan logo attached around many spots. These include the Jordan logo clearly emblazoned on the back parts of the shoes. This is all designed to create an attractive and interesting tone that will create an amazing look that anyone will be interested in having. This could potentially create quite a unique style that will be enjoyable to everyone.

Air Jordan 4 Retro 11Lab4 Black White

The release of the Air Jordan 11LAB4 will be an exciting point to check out this coming April 25. This is a shoe that will have an amazing look that is hardly like anything else that it around there.

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