The Original Air Jordan 1 High Unlaced

Air Jordan 1 High Unlaced

The Original Air Jordan 1 High “Unlaced” is making a strong comeback, this time getting as close as possible to the original. Of course, we already expect that the retro color combinations will be spot on – perhaps with a few modern touched – but Jordan went a little bit further, according to Sneaker News. Just like the original, they are coming out of their boxes unlaced.
Air Jordan 1 High Unlaced
The Original Air Jordan 1 High “Unlaced” Design

First released in the year 1985, the Unlaced Original requires you to do your own lace work, which definitely puts a cap in the whole process. Imagine being able to dress up your Air Jordan before ultimately wearing it and feeling the soft leather as it covers your feet.
Air Jordan 1 High Unlaced
The design of the shoes is definitely a marvel to behold. They are a beautiful combination of black, white and vibrant red with the Nike check mark in full black along the widest part of the shoe. To make the logo stand out, it comes with a white backdrop that disappears into a thin line along the heels.
Air Jordan 1 High Unlaced
The trim and heels carry the vibrant red design with the top front featuring a dash of white with breathable spaces for the wearer. The tongue is also done in full white with black accents along the back. On the tongue, you will find that vibrant Nike Air design in white and red.
Air Jordan 1 High Unlaced
This does not come with the Jump Man logo – but the icon is even better. It features that winged basketball with the Air Jordan lettering on top. This black design is patterned on top of the red accents, making it very easy for the eyes to spot. The sole is a study in white with the ribbed outsole done in red.

With no laces to speak of once you open the box, the choice of lace color is really up to you. With Nike creating this shoe for His Airiness, you can be sure that Unlaced is not just durable but 100% comfortable.

Buy the Original Air Jordan 1 High “Unlaced”

Sneaker News is not sure yet exactly how much this product will cost, but they know that it is set for release pretty soon. The date mentioned is May 30 which means that you only have a few more weeks to decide whether this is the model for you. Remember, this is a very rare pair so unless you are willing to go big for an original from eBay, it is best to just purchase the 2015 releases.

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