Air Jordan 20 Playoffs – Review

Air Jordan 20 Playoffs

Air Jordan 20 “Playoffs”
Color:Black/White-Cool Grey
Style Code:310455-003
Release Date:May 9, 2015

The Air Jordan 20 “Playoffs” is a special design among a special line of Air Jordans. Part of the series bringing to life 30 years worth of Air Jordan shoes, it’s easy to see what makes Playoffs stand out from the crowd.
Air Jordan 20 Playoffs
Air Jordan 20 “Playoffs” Design

The Playoffs is really a very different design from all the other Air Jordan brands out in the market today. It is a combination of black, white, and silver.

The front is divided lengthwise into two colors: basic black and white with zero markings. This actually makes the picture on the top front stand out, located where the laces should be placed. The doodles are a combination of Jordan logos with the iconic Jump Man design taking center stage.

Air Jordan 20 Playoffs

It is important to note though that the left and right shoes aren’t exactly balanced. While one shoe has a vertical division between black and white, the other one features a horizontal division, roughly along the vamp and trim parts of the shoe. The black and white doodle remains in the same position but with a reversed design than the other one.

Air Jordan 20 Playoffs

Right on top of the Google sits a stand out letter patch with the Jump Man logo. This one is a little harder to spot because of the black-on-black setup, but once you notice it, it is hard to ignore the design.

Air Jordan 20 Playoffs

Needless to say, there is no identifiable tongue with the Playoffs and there is no lace adjustment. The shoes are strapped along the ankles and with the opening set so high, there is really no worry of the shoes suddenly falling off during playtime.

The sole is done in grey with the outsole finished off with stark white. When it comes to durability, there is really no need to ask for more. The Playoffs are not only made by a trustworthy shoe brand, but it’s also made specifically for heavy games. Of course, with the design – there is a good chance you can still wear it for any occasion.

Air Jordan 20 Playoffs

Buy Air Jordan 20 “Playoffs”

Sneaker News reveals the Jordan release date for the Playoffs is around May 9, 2015. The price tag is set at $220 which is a tad more expensive than other shoes in the Jordan Brand line. Of course, with Playoffs being a favorite, there is no doubt that this shoe version will still be sold out soon after release. Make sure to reserve yours as soon as possible. The item will be available on all Jordan Brand stores and as for a GS version – no reports have been noted at this point.

Air Jordan 20 Playoffs

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