Air Jordan 9 Retro Review

Air Jordan 9 Retro

The Air Jordan 9 Retro is reminiscent of the days when His Airiness decided to leave basketball and start playing baseball. That’s why the design is so different, yet you’ll find that this shoe still carries all the positive marks attributed to Nike.

Air Jordan 9 Retro
Color:White/Black-Militia Green
Style Code:302370-109
Release Date:August 2015

Air Jordan 9 Retro
Air Jordan 9 Retro Design

Sneaker News presents a wonderful image of the latest Air Jordan 9 Retro design. It’s a beautiful combination of black and white with red accents just along the mouth of the shoe. The white colors actually extend beyond the sole and outsole of the kicks, possibly occupying around 1 /4 of the whole body. The heels are done completely in white, travelling along the outer lining of the shoe including the part nearest the tongue.

Air Jordan 9 Retro

The lace holes are also marked with white, creating a nice contrast with the black body. Unlike other shoe designs, the laces are circular so you’ll never have to worry about them being perfectly flat against the shoes.

The tongue and laces are all done in black with the mouth done with red accents. You can see the red again at the back, utilized as the color for the Air Jordan’s logo. Inside the shoe, you’ve got a full black ensemble and although you can’t see it at first, this somehow contributes to the overall charm of the Retro.

Air Jordan 9 Retro

The bottom heel sports a full black design together with a few centimeters of the front outsole. The iconic Jump Man logo is placed on the bottom heel in red, making it stand out despite of the small size. The bottom portion is in all black with a classic pattern with the inclusion of another Jump Man design. This means that with every step you take, you’ll be leaving Jump Man icons everywhere.

Air Jordan 9 Retro

Air Jordan 9 Retro Fit

The Retro is a little higher compared to other shoe models, which makes sense because it signifies a transition between basketball and baseball. The fit and comfort however is undisputable as Nike keeps up with the latest technology when it comes to making new shoes. Needless to say, the Air Jordan 9 Retro offers a soft and durable bottom even as it stays light and perfect for wearing during games and other heavy duty activities.

Air Jordan 9 Retro

Buy Air Jordan 9 Retro

You can purchase the Air Jordan 9 Retro through any Jordan Brand stores today. The Jordan release date for these shoes is NOW because they’re already available in the market. Price can go as low as $135 although the newer models may fetch more. Check out the Retro and see if this is the pair for you!

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