Air Jordan 6 Low Review

Air Jordan 6 Low

Definitely one of the best brands today, the Air Jordan 6 Low offers buyers the chance to get two different designs for this specific model. There is the “Chrome” and the “White Infrared”, both of which boast terrific designs.

Air Jordan 6 Low
Color:White/Ghost Green-Insigne Blue
Style Code:304401-106
Release Date:September 19, 2015

White Infrared

White Infrared is a little on the simple side with the full white body and a little bit of color along the outsole and sole. Layering a black and red color combination, it is easy to see why this model is called infrared. To even make the design stand out, there is a black and red accent along the mouth of the shoe. White patterns can be seen on the body with the tongue providing a neat contrast in black. The iconic Jump Man logo can be found in red, smack in the center of the tongue and easily seen by viewers. Another logo is found along the heels, this time done in white with a smaller size. A translucent blue color finishes off the overall sole deigns.

The Chrome does not exactly look chrome. It looks more like a black version of the White Infrared. An overall black body, the sole and outsole is a combination of chrome, white, and translucent blue. The tongue is also done in complete black with the Jump Man logo on display along the center. The laces follow the main color scheme of black and so does the Jump Man logo at the back of the heels.
Both shoes have a patterned bottom displaying a larger version of the Jump Man design.

Air Jordan 6 Low

When it comes to durability, it is really tough to say anything bad about the Nike Brand and everything else that falls within their concern such as the Jordan Air series. Simply put, Jordans are made for tough abuse, which means that they are made with all durable materials that should stay strong during games. When it comes to comfort, the leather body and padding should ensure that wearers will never have to worry about pain again.
Buy Air Jordan 6 “Low”

The Jordan release date for these models is expected to be around July 2015 – which should give you a lot of time to decide which of the two works best for you. According to Sneaker News, the product will sell at around $175 which is roughly the regular price for many of the Air Jordan brands in the market today. There is no news on whether there will be a GS version of the model.

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