Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 Review

Air Jordan 7 Retro N7

Newly released image of the Air Jordan 7 Retro N73 shows a color palette that leans toward the dark side. This particular pair is actually a part of the N7 Fund which is basically a system dedicated towards Native Americans and Aboriginal Youth.

Air Jordan 7 Retro N7
Color:White/Dark Turquoise-Black-Ice Cube Blue
Release Date:June 3, 2015

Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 Design
Sneaker News shows an image of the Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 featuring a color palette of white, black, dark turquoise, and ice cube blue. The combination actually makes for a very clean Air Jordan 7 look which should appeal to a lot of male buyers out there.

The trim and heel counter are all done in basic black with dark turquoise creating crisscrossing marks along the shoe, covering the eye stay. The laces are also in black and although the tongue leans toward the white-gray color scale, it does manage to blend well with the overall design of the shoe. Along the ankle portion of the shoe is the iconic Jump Man logo, done in plain white. This allows the design to stand out pretty well, holding no doubt as to the brand, make, and model of the shoe.

The sole and outsole are a combination of black and a little bit of white-grey. Unfortunately, there are no images yet showing the bottom and heel of the shoe, but there’s a good chance that these too will display the Jump Man logo – the same with other Jordan Brand shoes.
Air Jordan 7 Retro N7

Durability and Use

The style and manufacture of the Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 suggest that this is the kind of shoe you will definitely wear for big games. Clean and a little bit understated, the Retro N7 is perfect for heavy use, especially since its black exterior makes it hard to see dirt and grime sticking to the shoe. A product of Nike, form and comfort are already expected.

Buy Air Jordan 7 Retro N7

Sneaker News reveals that the Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 release date is set for June, which gives enthusiasts lots of time to decide whether they want this one to be part of their collection. Keep in mind that as part of the N7 Fund, you’re actually helping a lot of people by deciding on this purchase. Aside from the Jordan release date and pictures however, no information is forthcoming about this pair. Hence, retailers have no idea exactly how much the shoes will sell for. Hopefully, the price would be around $175 – same as other Air Jordan Brands in the market today.

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