Jordan Eclipse “Hare” Review

Jordan Eclipse Hare

Sneaker News recently presented an impressive addition to the Jordan Eclipse brand, dubbed the “Hare”, an ode to the smart-aleck Bugs Bunny. Oddly enough, the shoes do not look anything like bugs with a color combination that is more striking, bolder, and definitely eye catching.

Jordan Eclipse
Color:University Red/Sport Red-White-Light Green Poison
Style Code:724010-607

Jordan Eclipse Hare
Jordan Eclipse “Hare” Design

The Hare design is pretty basic. Most of the shoes are done in bright mesh red with the tongue done in an equally bright shade of green. The shoes are mid-cut and with the mesh, they are extremely light – perfect for walking around the city or doing some medium-power activities.

The laces are the same color as the tongue, making this one of the cleanest Jordan Eclipse designs so far. The laces themselves are rounded, so you will never have to worry about inconsistencies when trying them down. There is a line along the center of the tongue, ending at a protruding tip with a small icon of the Jump Man done in white.

Jordan Eclipse Hare

Although the front is clean with no design whatsoever, the heel portion of the shoe is another matter entirely. There is the ubiquitous Jump Man icon proudly done in green with the words “Air” right below the silhouette of His Airiness. A strategic location that Nike has been practicing for years, this is the loudest sign that the iconic shoes are part of the Jordan collection.

The green colors go all the way inside the shoes with another Jump Man icon placed on where the ends of your foot would go. And finally – to hit that all-important balance, Nike uses plain white for the sole and outsole. This makes the red and green color combination pop out even more. The bottom part of the shoes is also created simple with just a very small Jump Man icon placed at the bottom.

Jordan Eclipse Hare

An ultra light type of shoe with mesh materials and durable manufacture, there is no question that the Jordan Eclipse “Hare” offers excellent comfort for the wearer.

Jordan Eclipse Hare

Buy Jordan Eclipse “Hare”

The Jordan release date for the Hare is now! You can avail of these shoes for just $110 through the official website as well as other Jordan brand stores. Note though that there are actually two Hare releases and the red-green combo is the latest. There is also a purple-orange combo with the same basic structure, just a difference in colors. Either way, you will be able to enjoy the sense of comfort and style offered only through Jordan Eclipse. No reports yet on whether a GS version would be available.

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