Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red Review

Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red

A striking piece from Air Jordan, Sneaker News has released the first few pictures of the University Red. If you are looking for something that catches the eye, this is definitely a good choice for your collection. Here is what you should know about this one:

Air Jordan Melo M11 “University Red” Design

First things first, this model is not using synthetic leather upper but rather, synthetic nubuck. If you are looking for a different feel from your pair of shoes, then the University Red might be the next best thing for you.

Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red
The colorway is a combination of black as well as red with the outsole the only hint of white in the entire collection. The red is vibrant and striking with the black done in a very deep shade, covering the tongue and the laces. There is also a dash of black right on top of the outsole, creating a simple yet impressive combination that is perfect for outdoor use.
Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red
This high ankle design features a signature right on the tongue, making it incredibly easy to see from the front. The iconic Jump Man logo is placed on the heel, featuring a combination of black and white design to help it stand out against the red.

Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red

Inside the shoe, right where your ankles would hit is another Jump Man logo done completely in red. As for the bottom part of the shoe, Nike decided to stay simple and not put excessive designs into it.

Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red

Air Jordan Melo M11 “University Red”Comfort
The fact that it uses nubuck material makes a lot of different in the comfort of the model. You’ll find that these performance shoes are capable of handling a lot of tough love, making it perfect for heavy use.

The upper portion has breathable holes, so you should not have to worry about the long term use. Available in different sizes, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the perfect pair for your own use.
Air Jordan Melo M11 University Red
Buy Air Jordan Melo M11 “University Red”

The Jordan release date for the University Red is NOW. This means you can purchase the item anytime through different Jordan Brand stores. University Red is available for $160 – cheaper than other models in the market today. No reports on GS availability as of yet and unfortunately, there are no new announcing there will be one. Still, those who want a pair can order theirs right now! According to buyers, this is by far the best colorway for the Melo M11 series.

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