Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava – New Colorway for Women

Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava

Possibly one of the cleanest yet striking colorways available today, the Air Jordan 1 Low “Hot Lava” is a study in tradition specially made for Jordan fans who fall within the categories of female and children. There is really no other possible name for it as the Hot Lava boasts of a major white upper with streaks of hot lava swishing through the body of the sneakers.

Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava

The lava is really a unique shade of red that really makes the shoes pop out. Adding to the design, the lava actually forms the iconic check mark by Nike, rounding all the way through the heels in a neat design. The laces boast of the same color that pops out against the whiteness of the leather upper. The soles are also done in start white with a hot lava edging at the bottom – as if you are walking directly on hot coals of fire.

Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava

Really, the only different color in the Air Jordan 1 Low “Hot Lava” is the Jump Man logo which is placed right on the tongue in solid green. The color choice makes sense since you would want the silhouette of His Airiness to be easily distinguished even from several feet away. At the heels, there is the winged basketball logo, also done in green in order to make it stand out against the whiteness. A number “23” cloth palette is situated right on the center of the white tongue, lending support to the laces as you criss-cross them across the shoes.

Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava
The interior also makes use of the Hot Lava color and so does the bottom of the shoes with circular markings, but there is really nothing special there.

Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava

Again, the shoes are available for kids and women – so do not expect any large sizes to be available through Jordan Brand stores. According to Sneaker News, the biggest size for this is 9.5Y so girls with larger feet (or maybe guys with small ones) can still find one that works for them perfectly.

Air Jordan 1 Low Hot Lava

If you love this colorway, check it out now through any Jordan Brand stores all over the world. Considering its popularity, there is a good chance that these shoes will constantly be on stock – perfect for all seasons but winter, of course.

Air Jordan 1 Low “Hot Lava”
Jordan Release Date: Available Now!
Price: $75 – definitely cheaper than other Air Jordan models available today. Of course, it is a scaled down version of other designs so the price drop makes sense.

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