Air Jordan 13 Low Quai 54 – World Streetball Release

Air Jordan 13 Low Quai 54 Away

The market is currently buzzing with the news of an Air Jordan 13 Low “Quai 54”  release, just in time for the World Streetball Championship. Air Jordan is one of the sponsors so in typical Nike fashion, they are bringing out something to commemorate the event, and anyone who wants to be part of this year’s celebrations can grab one as soon as it hits the stores.

Air Jordan 13 Low Quai 54 “Away”
Color: White/Black-Wolf Grey
Release Date: July 1st, 2015

This one comes from a long line of signature shoes, the 2015 version darker with a distinctive mesh overlay. The mesh is reflective so you can wear these kicks at night with the full knowledge that you are getting everyone’s attention. The leather right below the mesh boasts of an intricate “motherboard like” pattern done mostly in shades of white and grey. It is a very modern look, perfect for a modern version of the shoe.

The sole and outsole are layers of black and white respectively with some red lining at the bottom. The tongue is done completely in black and displays two different logos on the left and right side. On the right, we have got the “World Streetball Championship” logo done in stark white so that it stands out from the tongue. On the left, however, you have got the silhouette of His Airiness as he makes one of his perfect dunks mid air. The Jump Man logo is also done in white for contrast. Now, you might think that this creates imbalance for the shoes, but this isn’t the first time Air Jordan attempted this design and so far, it seems to work perfectly well.

Air Jordan 13 Low Quai 54 Away

So essentially, there is a black leather pattern that runs down from the tongue to the trim before spanning roughly two inches from the bottom of the shoe. There is no clear image on what the rear end portion looks like yet, but from the pictures – there seems to be a metallic Jump Man logo attached along the side.

One thing you should know about the Air Jordan 13 Low “Quai 54″ is that even though Sneaker News is upfront about the design of the model, almost nothing else is available about this shoe. There is no official Jordan release date for it yet and obviously, there is no price on print yet. That being said, just make sure to watch out for any news about this model, possibly during the next few months as tournaments kick in. Hopefully, the cost of this pair of kicks would not be more than the usual amount.

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