Air Jordan 1 Low N7 – Completing N7

Air Jordan 1 Low N7

Rounding up the N7 collection is the Air Jordan 1 Low N7 which as you well know, is made to benefit Native American communities. It is a very good cause and if you want your Jordan shoes to really mean something, this would be an excellent addition to your shoe collection.

Air Jordan 1 Low N7
White/Dark Turquoise/ Black/Ice Cube Blue
Release Date: June 3, 2015
Price: $100

Air Jordan 1 Low N7

The colorway for the Air Jordan 1 Low N7 is a combination of white, dark turquoise, black, and ice blue. Now, you might think that the colorway is exactly the same as with the Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 – but the presentation of color is very different. The same shades are simply used because obviously, they are following the same theme here.
So to describe how the Air Jordan 1 Low N7 looks, we are starting off with a very white base with the heels, tongue, soles, and interior being the only exceptions. The heel portion is a blast of colors combining ice blue and black. There is also the Nike check mark in place running from the heels to the middle of the shoes – strategically placed to make the kicks stand out. Sneaker News pictures reveals that the outsole features a slightly lighter shade of blue with ribbed edges that occupies a very small portion of the shoe – just enough to identify the outsole from the rest of the kicks.
The interior and tongue of the shoes follow the same colorway pattern, combining dark turquoise, black, and ice blue with a little smidge of red at the top, so small it is not really worth nothing as part of the general design. Right on top of the tongue easily seen is the N7 logo with Nike’s check mark on the top – done in black so it stands out against the blue.

Air Jordan 1 Low N7

The laces are done in pure white and the trim is designed with a few breathable holes for the comfort of the wearer. Unfortunately, the back portion is still a mystery so we have no idea what logo Nike chose to display at the back. Is it the Jump Man, the winged logo or perhaps a variation of the N7?

The good news is that the Jordan release date for this model is set for June 3rd this year – the same time as the Air Jordan 7 Retro N7 so you will know for sure how the kicks compare with each other. Reports say the Air Jordan 1 Low is available for a significantly lower amount so you would have a choice on your hands.

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