Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO N7

Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO N7

Another one for the N7 team, it is a little embarrassing how excited we all are with the release of these shoes. As most people know, the N7 is a series made to benefit Native American communities, so buying the Super.Fly means that a portion of the money goes for a good cause.

Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO N7
Dark Turquoise – Ice Cube Blue – University Red
Release Date: June 3, 2015
Price: $140

Of course, it is not just the giving factor that makes these kicks a popular option. The overall design is also a selling factor as the Super.Fly hits the shelves. The coloring is a combination of dark turquoise and red. It is a little like the Air Jordan 7 and the Air Jordan 1 Low – which is not surprising since they are both under the N7 flagship. Unlike the latter two, however, the Super.Fly is more out there – boasting a red hue that just makes the design unmistakably pop.

The colorway is a division between the two basic colors of red and turquoise with the latter occupying most of the upper portion starting from the trim all the way to the tongue, covering at least half the width of the shoe’s body. The red portion covers the heels and meets the dark turquoise halfway. The eye stay is done completely in black with the laces made with the dark turquoise color, allowing it to blend beautifully with the tongue and the rest of the shoes.

Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO N7

The sole and outsole are done completely in white to make the upper portion more vibrant. A portion of the outsole is actually done with a very light hue of transparent ice blue, so faint that you could mistake it for white easily enough.

The icon used for this one is the silhouette of His Airiness, marked right on top of the tongue in a stark dark color. Around the side of the heels is the N7 mark together with the check icon attributed to Nike. Unfortunately, there is no back shot for this model so we are not sure if the heels are left plain or displaying another shot of the Jump Man in a smaller version. Considering the icons on display, the heel possibly shows a blank clean surface to prevent crowding.

According to Sneaker News, the Jordan release date for the Jordan Super.Fly 3 PO N7 will be on the same date as the rest of the N7 kicks in the series. This means that the shoes will be hitting on the shelves on June 3rd – just a few days away from now.

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