Obama Gets First Air Jordan MTM Pack

Air Jordan MTM Pack

The Air Jordan MTM Pack is one of the most anticipated releases of Air Jordan this year, made even more popular by the fact that President Obama got to take home the very first pair.

Air Jordan MTM Pack
Release Date: June 26, 2015
Price: $700

Air Jordan MTM Pack
That’s right – the most powerful man in the world has these kicks, courtesy of his visit to Nike Headquarters. The question is, what exactly makes these kicks President-worthy? Sneaker News provides a quick numeration of what makes the Air Jordan MTM Pack tic.

First off, the pack consists of two pairs of shoes, both displaying a predominantly black color. There is the classic Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan XX9.

The Air Jordan XX9 is clean and basic, with a charm that makes it perfect for practically all occasions. Boasting of solid black upper leather that goes all over the body, the only white part of these kicks is the outsole. It is something for the classics – people who want Air Jordan shoes that will work for anything and everything they choose to wear.

Air Jordan MTM Pack

The XX9 is full on black so the laces and the tongue feature the same basic shade. There seems to be a silhouette of the number 3 on top of the tongue, also done in black so we are not really sure. The interior is pretty much the same color and with no back pictures, we are not sure if the heel portion is also clear of any icons. It would be nice to have the Jump Man logo in there somewhere.

Next, we’ve got the Air Jordan 1 which is a flashier version of the XX9. Here, we’ve got black leather upper but with translucent patches strategically placed along the top. The constructed base is Flyweave and the outsole is done in a translucent color with the midsole featuring a stark white design. The resulting colorway offers a twist in a classic, especially with the flyweave design. Along the side, there’s the signature Nike check mark also done in flyweave, creating a very clean unmistakable pattern of where these kicks came from.

Right on top of the tongue, there’s the “Nike Air” word logo, done in white as a stark contrast to the all-black ensemble. No back-photos but we’re guessing that the heels are also covered by the flyweave design – whether there’s a Jordan logo is still in question.

The Air Jordan release date for the pack is set for June 26 so it is just a few days away. Reserve yours now through any Jordan Brand store and be the proud owner of these signature kicks. Remember: they are sold as a pack for $700.

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