Air Jordan 4 “Liquid Metal” Rumors!

Air Jordan 4 Liquid Metal

If there is anything that will get the whole shoe-world abuzz with excitement, it’s probably the Air Jordan 4 Liquid Metal pack that Nike is rumored to release this year. The theme Liquid Metal might sound not-so-striking, but once you see the images, it immediately becomes a design you will not instantly forget.

Sneaker News has shown exactly what is included in the pack: a pair of silver shoes and gold shoes – and we’re not just talking about a silver-ish, gold-ish shade. No, one look at the shoes and you’ll be fooled into thinking that the kicks are made of actual metal! You can thank the fact that they’re extremely shiny – showing off the kind of shine you can only see with actual jewelry. We won’t be surprised if these shoes gleam when hit by the sun.

Air Jordan 4 Liquid Metal

You won’t expect any other color in the design, aside from the full-silver and full-gold hue. There’s a mesh along the side and front of the shoes, but those too are made from the same metallic theme. The laces also follow the same gleaming pattern, and so do the sole, outsole, and possibly the bottom of the shoes. You can tell they’re Jordan’s because who can mistake the signature style and pattern that comes from this world class brand? Other than that though – there are no icons or logos on display. The tongue – which is usually where Nike sticks the Jump Man – is bare of anything but the gleaming gold and silver patterns of the respective shoes.

Images releases for the Air Jordan 4 Liquid Metal pack don’t have a back view of the product so we’re unsure if the no-logo description extends to the heel portion. Usually, Nike makes a point of putting something on the back of the shoes but of course, this case is pretty special.

Air Jordan 4 Liquid Metal

To wrap it up – the leaked images of the Jordan 4 Liquid Metal is really making everyone question whether there will be a release of these two pairs. The fact is that there’s no official news yet from Nike or the Air Jordan theme so it’s possible that these were custom made or just prototypes. A quick search online shows that most of the pictures used to showcase the pair are practically the same – so we’re still waiting for new pictures that will hopefully shed some light on the Liquid Metal theme.

Air Jordan 4 Liquid Metal

With no confirmation to speak of, there is no Air Jordan release date for this yet, but we’re hoping the prices won’t be liquid metal as well.

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