The “Sleeker” Version the Air Jordan 10 Retro “Double Nickel”

Air Jordan 10 Retro Dirty Nickel

If you have seen the retro version of the Air Jordan Retro 10 “Double Nickel”, then you will have a pretty good idea how the custom made Air Jordan 10 “Dirty Nickel” looks like.

But hold your thoughts first – the Dirty Nickel might look like a repeat of the Double Nickel Air Jordan 10 but think about a sleeker, better, and a more sophisticated version.

Air Jordan 10 Retro Dirty Nickel

And so it was, the newly released Air Jordan 10 “Dirty Nickel” hit the market with pictures showing Sneaker Rob wearing his shoes which have been custom made by Kickasso, who has been a known manufacturer as well as designer of custom made shoes for some time now.

Air Jordan 10 Retro Dirty Nickel

The majority of black as well as the accents of red found on the colorway of the AJ10 Dirty Nickel is pretty reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls inspired colorway of the Double Nickel Air Jordan 10 available in Black, White, and Varsity Red color combination. However, where the original white leather make stands out in Double Nickel, the Dirty Nickel’s black tumbled leather dominates most of the shoes upper leather, tongue, midsole, as well as outsole. Even the patent leather trims are made in black with a defining red lining given that the shoes has a red insole. The alternate outsole design of black as well as red stripes on the shoes outsoles is also a cool addition which gives the shoes a simple yet “cool” look all on its own.

Air Jordan 10 Retro Dirty Nickel

If you remember, Sneaker News reveals that it was not two decades later that the Jordan Brand has released another Air Jordan 10 in the form of the Double Nickel. For the first time, Jordan heads and fans have seen a remastered retro version of the classic Chicago Bulls sneakers in Black, White, and Varsity Red COloway with the stitched “45” number which is a nod to MJs play number when he returned to his game with the Chicago Bulls. The Double Nickel Air Jordan 10 hit the market just this March 28 and not more than three months later, the custom made Dirty Nickel have made its way to make some of Jordan heads wish they waited another three months more before making their purchase.

Air Jordan 10 Retro Dirty Nickel

As a new collection, the Air Jordan 10 Dirty Nickel is definitely worth the purchase with its sleeker look on a whole. However, the shoes would carry a more expensive price tag than that of its predecessor with $230.90 against the $190 when Double Nickel was released.

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