Jordan XX3 Represents Chi City

Air Jordan XX3 Chi City

Jordan XX3 is back – perhaps one of the most recognizable silhouettes of the Jordan line. The Chi City design follows with what seems to be a favorite color palette of Air Jordan nowadays: red.

Air Jordan XX3 Chi City
Jordan Release Date: Possible August 2015
Price: Not yet released

Air Jordan XX3 Chi City

Here is what you should know about the Jordan XX3: (1) this is the first retro version of the Jordan 23 and that (2) it was first released seven years ago in time for Jordan’s 23rd birthday in the sneaker business.

Air Jordan XX3 Chi City

The Chi City boasts of a University Red color that goes all over the shoe, offering an incredibly vibrant hue that is easily spotted even when you are a few feet away. What you can’t easily see though is the intricate detail along the trim which is actually Jordan’s signature done in gold. The tongue sports an equally red color but with some black hole’ spots for comfort and design. The laces are also in red and you’re probably expecting that the interior runs under the same shade – but it doesn’t. Instead, you get a slightly blue, slightly gray color which is a bit off-putting with all the redness, but since it’s the interior, there’s really not much point citing it.

Air Jordan XX3 Chi City

So what other colors are there? To balance out the vibrancy of the design, Chi City features an outsole in the color of red-gum yellow and a bottom with beautiful thumbprint-like markings.

Air Jordan XX3 Chi City

The logos are classic Jordan with the tongue sporting the iconic Jump Man logo. Note though that the other tongue is carrying the number 23 as a nod to the inspiration for the shoes.

Along the heels, you also have this Chi City marking done in stitched solid black, easily seen a few feet away from the shoes. Perhaps the best thing about this design however is the fact that the Chi City is embossed separately. On the left you’ve got the Chi and the word City on the right, adding a kick to the overall design of the sneakers.

According to reports, the Jordan release date for the pair is not far off. Sneaker News originally released pictures of the Air Jordan 23 but with no disclosure as to the release time and the cost of the product.

Don’t get confused though: the Chi City seems to go under several names. There are some that call it “Chicago” while others dub it as the “Chi Town” – all of which, as far as we know – refer to the same model.

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