Air Jordan Retro Alternate Collection Part 2: Air Jordan 4 Alternate ’89

Air Jordan 4 Alternate '89

Early this year, Sneaker News revealed that since Jordan Brand is not about to release any new AJ3s for a while, it could mean that a better AJ4 is up on the line.

During the early months of 2015, a steady stream of remastered Jordan Brand retros have been released and taken over the sneaker market. Thanks to one infamous leaker in the name of “shouLee81,” a first glimpse of the Air Jordan 4 Alternate ’89 has been released in the market. But while it confused sneaker heads with only the word “Alternate 89” inside its heel tabs and the neat look combination of red and white colorway, the shoes’ existence has now made more sense – it’s the second pair from the upcoming Alternate Collection of MJ’s player exclusive shoes.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate '89
Never before seen in Jordan Brand’s famous collection of retro shoes, the rumored Air Jordan 4 Alternate 89 have already become quite a curiosity to stir fans and sneaker heads’ interest. As JB announced the release of its Alternate Collection series, sneaker heads and enthusiasts now understand that the red bold “Alternate 89” stamped on the heel tabs’ insides are a direct reference to when the very first AJ4 hit the market in 1989.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate '89

Just like its first trio shoes, the AJ4 Alternate ’89 possesses the never been used colorway of red and white against the sophisticated black and red combination of the AJ2 Alternate ’87. In comparison to the original AJ4 which made its debut in the late 80s, the Alternate ’89 looks like an “alternate” to Jordan Brand’s AJ4 O.G “Fire Red”.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate '89

With a tumbled white leather make, the features of the Air Jordan 4 Alternate ’89 really stand out against a “clean” backdrop. The red and minimal black detailing of the Jumpman logo on the tongue is easily highlighted throughout the shoes making the red actually “pop out” in detail. There’s a good reason why fans of the Fire Red AJ4s calls the new Alternate ’89 a silhouette version with its red mesh netting, red sockliner, red eyelets, red midsole, and red “Alternate ’89” on the pull tab written In bold words. What made the only difference among the color scheme is the simple black Jumpman logo accented with a red lettering of “Flighte” below it.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate '89

All in all, the Air Jordan 4 Alternate ’89 is another worthy pair of kicks to add to your already growing collection or something to try for your first buy. Though the exact Jordan release date of the Alternate ’89 is still unknown, the shoes are expected to make its arrival earlier than the AJ2 Alternate ’87.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate '89

Air Jordan 4 “Alternate ’89”
Jordan Release Date: Spring 2016
Price: $249.99

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