Air Jordan 1 ‘Rare Air’ Black / Cement Grey White

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air Black/Cement Grey-White

Here’s what you should know about the Cement Grey release – it is under the “Rare Air” line for a reason. The fact is that this pair – along with others in the series — is available for a limited time and a limited number of releases.

Air Jordan 1 “Rare Air”
Colorway: Black/Cement Grey-White
Release Date: 07/2015
Price: $140

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air Black/Cement Grey-White

The Cement Grey features several shades in a complementary colorway that looks good no matter how or where you wear it. The primary colors are white, black, and grey – but the last two are actually very limited in their coverage. Basically, most of the shoe space is done in white with black and grey edges along the soles and near the interior. The laces and tongue are also done in white with the Jump Man logo proudly displayed in black on the center.

On the heels, you’ve got another logo of the Jump Man done in stitched black. The black and grey are most prominent in the sole and outsole, creating a layered look that highlights the white upper. The soles are really the most defining feature of this model since the grey features a speckled design that clashes well with the white. You should also note the vein-like structures along the trim and heels of the Air Jordan 1 Rare Air Black / Cement Grey White which makes it stand out from the simpler Rare Air models in the market today.

The bottom part follows the same basic pattern of white and black. Smack in the middle is the Air Jordan Jump Man logo which is neither good nor bad. It is Nike really just deciding to follow through with the layout of older models.

If this colorway is not to your liking but the silhouette is something you really want, there are also other Air Jordan Rare Air releases in the market today. We’ve got the Black-Varsity Red and White; the Red and University Red; and the Wolf Grey. If you are wondering what makes this new line different from the previous releases: Nike decided to remove the Wings logo on the sides and just put Air Jordan in its place.

The good news is that the Rare Air Series is a tad cheaper from other Air Jordan releases this year – although that is yet to be confirmed. From the looks of it though, these kicks will carry the same price tag as other 2015 releases, if Sneaker News is to be believed.

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