Expect the Air Jordan 1 GS Maya Moore Soon

Air Jordan 1 GS “Maya Moore”

The Air Jordan 1 seems to be a favored silhouette this year as the GS version hits the store in a very eye-catching colorway. What you should know is that the Maya Moore is a player exclusive set, joining the ranks of other models such as: Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, and Carmelo Anthony.

Air Jordan 1 GS “Maya Moore”
Color: Obsidian, Gold, and White
Style Code:332148-428
Jordan Release Date: July 25, 2015
Price: $95

This GS version boasts of colors that would appeal to ladies who want something feminine without being too loud about it. It is a combination of gold, white, as well as obsidian – the color combination somehow creating a unique style that grabs the eyes and keeps attention.

Air Jordan 1 GS

Let us start with the obsidian color which is the dominant shade in the Maya Moore release. It covers practically the entire show, the overlay equally covered in the same shade. The pattern and leather texture adds to the dimension of the Maya Moore but for the most part, this Air Jordan 1 GS is obsidian through and through.

Complementing the major color is a dash of gold-brown in the form of Nike’s Swoosh logo. Along the ankles, there is also the Wings icon, again using the same gold-brown color. Thanks to the obsidian background, these two icons manage to stand out scream the lineage of the kicks to anyone who would dare to look.

The tongue as well as laces are in the same obsidian color. Unfortunately, pictures only show the side view of the shoes, but there is a clear gold-brown design on the middle of the tongue. We are guessing it is the Nike Air logo in words, following the Air Jordan 1 general silhouette. The same can probably said of the back view with the heels possibly sporting the Jump Man logo. More will be revealed as images of the Air Jordan 1 GS “Mary Moore” become available online.

As for the sole and outsole, there is really not much to say except that they are done in basic white. The bottom is a little ribbed so that adds the design. The stitching is perfect as expected from the Nike brand and it seems like the soles are a little higher than usual. Maybe because it is a GS version?

Anyway, expect this baby to be available soon. For the guys who like the silhouette, count yourself lucky if you have feet sizes on the small range. Otherwise, you can just buy it for your girlfriend.

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