Air Jordan 12 French Blue Retro 2016: Air Jordan 12 with a Cool, Retro Feel

Air Jordan 12 French Blue Retro 2016

Air Jordan is known for having a collection of iconic sneakers that people loved for years. One of this is the Air Jordan 12 French Blue. Upon hearing about Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Retro 2016, fans have become more excited about what this footwear has to offer.

Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Retro 2016
Jordan Release Date: March 26, 2016

Air Jordan 12 French Blue Retro 2016

Air Jordan 12 is designed for its new release with a touch of retro style that many people will appreciate. It is one of the two Air Jordan 12 Retro to be released in 2016 with the other one being Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” or “Varsity Red”. Both pieces possess the retro feel as well as other special features that make this release worth waiting for.

Air Jordan 12 French Blue Retro 2016

Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Retro 2016 comes with a vibrant blue accent on the outsoles and base overlays. The color provides a good accent to the footwear, making it stand out among other Air Jordans available. As one of the popular originals from the brand, using these accents make it the next thing to watch out from the brand.

Air Jordan 12 French Blue Retro 2016

There are two main differences in between “French Blue” and “Cherry”. There is a gray line on “French Blue” on the side with embossed “Jumpman” on it. The line is also seen on the “Cherry” version only utilizing the same red color.

Air Jordan 12 French Blue Retro 2016

The uppers also look extra durable with its white material and sewn patterns serving as accents. Using these patterns also gave the Air Jordan 12 siblings a unique look that highlights durability as well as function with every use.

Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Retro 2016 looks showcase durability, but the brand also ensures comfort with every use. It has great support on feet and ankles, ensuring that people who will wear them will remain comfortable regardless of their activities.

Its laces are supported with regular lace holes and buckles that guarantee the footwear will remain in place while doing activities.

The news about “French Blue” has been buzzing for some time, but without actual release dates other than year 2016. Recently, this news has been updated as the brand announced to release this line up on March 26, 2016. As for the price, the brand has not issued a statement yet about the exact market price, but Air Jordan fans can consider the earlier released Air Jordan 12 and gauge its price.

Air Jordan 12 “French Blue” Retro 2016 is one of the hottest kicks to grace the market on March 2016. Watch out for its release as well as the distributors where it will be available in the future.

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