Jordan 101 XVII Sneaker News

Jordan 101 XVII Sneaker News

It is the everyone is waiting for! The Jordan 101 XVII is getting a new breath of life, and it is safe to say that these kicks are unlike anything else on the line. A few images are already out online and the first thing you think about upon seeing this would be: is that from the future?

Jordan 101 XVII Sneaker News

The Jordan 101 XVII is inspired by the post-Bulls era of the great man himself. In his comeback in the court, Michael Jordan decided to don these babies and show everyone just what it means to be airborne. More specifically, Jordan is teaming up with the Washington Wizards with these babies on his feet, showing moves that only The Man can do.

So what exactly are these kicks made of? Primary white in color, there’s an indefinable texture to the Jordan 101 XVII that just shouts out to you. The white pretty much covers the whole body but additional colors include black and a futuristic hue of blue. The black is pretty much confined to where the tongue and laces are supposed to go. Oh – and did we forget to say that the laces are very minimal? There’s probably a few inches in there, classically kept together by a silver pin with the tiniest detail of the Jump Man logo. For the most part however, it’s just a complete black design on the center of the shoes, circled by a beautiful layer of white.

Jordan 101 XVII Sneaker News

The blue hue is mainly found along the soles, focused on the trim and the back portion. The outsole is thin and white with the midsole boasting of the almost-translucent blue color. The Jump Man logo can also be found along the blue portion, small, smooth, and beautifully classy.

On the center of the trim, there is also this barely discernible Jump Man logo done in basic black. Needless to say, the white backdrop makes it stand out despite the small size.

The truth is that the Jordan 101 XVII is so new in the market that there are very few images available. In fact, there’s only ONE image making the rounds today so the description for the sneakers is pretty limited. What we’re sure though is this: the Jordan 101 XVII is going to be BIG once it hits the shelves. When would this happen? No idea yet, but that only means you have to constantly check out the site for updates.

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