the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 Camo

Two elite forces in the footwear world are coming together for a rare partnership which is culminating into a true powerhouse of a shoe. The teaming-up of Air Jordan and the New York based streetwear company, Supreme, is indefinite and to show for it, the release of the super-sneaker “Camo” is upon us. The Air Jordan 5 “Camo” is the product of a collaboration that the world has been truly waiting for. Sneaker News are really getting excited about the prospect and you can bet that trying to keep pace with the demand will be truly hard to accomplish.

Air Jordan 5 Supreme Camo

Air Jordan 5 Supreme Camo

Proposed Fast Sellers

The Air Jordan 5 “Camo” is artistically immersed in the traditional camouflage design and the material is prominently made with canvas. At the very top of the shoe, are the embroidered words “Sup”, which is placed in the clear, webbed side panels. Towards the lower-region of the heel are the numbers “94”, which of course is the year that Supreme began their corporation. Above the “94” logo, you will find a black midsole, which sports red shark teeth and a 3m tongue. If these particular shoes can stay on the shelves even for an hour, it would ultimately be surprising.

Air Jordan 5 Supreme Camo

The entire base is constructed with tech mesh, which is designed to breath and apply a good source of comfort when the wearer is in the midst of being active. The details of the camouflage print is superior, as opposed to other like shoes which incorporate camoflage less handsomely. The inner-lining was really incorporated well, utilizing a soft black appearance and great elements of comfort. You can tell the two companies really decided to hit the drawing board and create a shoe which is really ahead of it’s time.

Air Jordan 5 Supreme Camo

Even though there hasn’t been any real definitive release date on these triumphs of the footwear industry, there are some great images released online which depict the swagger and style that this great pair of shoes will have. The rumor mill is swirling around and the anticipation is a full-force as blogs, chat rooms and Air Jordan fan clubs are getting super excited and chomping at the bid for any other new information to surface.

Air Jordan 5 Supreme Camo

The Anticipation is On

The Air Jordan 5 “Camo” series will be released in the colors of “Desert Camo”, “Metallic” and “OG Fire Red”. The anticipation for this shoe is warranted and the respect that this duo of great corporate minds is going to show the world just how footwear is done. It is going to become a true classic among fans and shoe lovers alike.

Air Jordan 5 Supreme Camo

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