Supreme x Air Jordan 5 For Sneaker Enthusiasts

Supreme x Air Jordan 5 White

Sneaker News welcomes another possible addition to the legendary line of Air Jordan 5. This one is not exactly an Air Jordan 5 silhouette exclusive since it has been mashed up with Supreme, creating a combination that is bound to catch the attention of every sneaker fan today.

Supreme x Air Jordan 5
Jordan Release Date: Fall of 2015

As the name suggests, the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 “White” is done mostly in white. By the way, this is actually the third in the Supreme x Air Jordan series so if this colorway is not for you, there are others out there you can choose from.

Supreme x Air Jordan 5 White

Coming back to the “White” though, the colorway is pretty basic but with a few defining additions that makes it very easy to remember. To start off, there is the beautiful black lining along the top of the tongue. There is also the Jump Man logo placed dead center, stitched in black and just jumps out to catch your eye, thanks mainly to the beautiful white background.


Along the edge, right on top of the soles is a fire pattern done in bright red, perhaps the most eye-catching part of the shoes. Other than that dash of red however and the black lining, everything else is white or approaching white with the Supreme x Air Jordan 5. Even the laces are done in white which makes it blend perfectly with the overall silhouette.


Along the sides you have got the words “Sup” which makes very good use of the space. It is a good guess that if the side is left completely blank and white, the design would look bland and tasteless rather than the classic it appears to be right now. Nike also decided to put the number 94 along the edges, just a few centimeters from the heel.

The outsole is practically translucent with the trim-outsole part done in basic black which looks good from the sides. A clear lace lock is also available which somehow completes the clean’ look of the colorway.

The first pictures of these Kicks were blurry but fortunately, clearer images have since been released. Unfortunately, there’s no back view so enthusiasts aren’t sure if the heel portion displays the iconic Jump Man logo or any other Air Jordan emblem.

As for its release, there’s no definite date yet. Even the price is still a big secret, but here’s hoping that it wouldn’t be too expensive for all the sneaker fans out there!

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