Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum: Is This Awesome Pair About To Hit The Market?

Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum

If you have a memory that works like a well-oiled machine, then you’d remember exactly when Mache made his own custom Air Jordan 11 Low with the Gum Sole. More than a year later after that, it seems that there is in fact, an actual Air Jordan 11 Low “Black Gum”.

It wasn’t from which first revealed the pretty awesome retro version of the AJ11 Lows which made its debut in 1995. Instead, it was Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan, who created the stir when he was photographed wearing the remarkable pair. Though it’s not the first time that the Black Gum surfaced since MJ wore it in the course of his 2012 Summer Camp, Jordan fans and enthusiasts are now wondering if the pair will stop being a sample and will be released to the general market.

Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum

Compared to Mache’s version, the leaked pictures of the Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum shows a sleeker Black Gum that makes it something of a coveted pair especially for Jordan fans.

What makes the Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum even better is that while it sports the most simple of colorway combination of black and white, the sneaker’s design is a masterpiece enhanced with its translucent gum bottom.

Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum

On a close look, the leaked pictures of the Black Gum Air Jordan 11 Low sports a lowtop upper fully dressed in shades of black. The shoes have a meshed nubuck leather construction wrapped with a patent leather mudguard which sets the tone of the pair in polished black. Then there’s the crisp midsole in and the awesome addition of the gum sole. The end result? Black Gum becomes the epitome of clean and stylish shoes without straying from Jordan Brand’s classic sneaker design.

Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum

No wonder we’ve been hit with Jordan kicks showing up gum soles. For the past year, it would seem that the Jordan Future have started the trend by showing just how good a gum sole would look on Jordan shoes.

Alas, of course, no word of a Jordan release date has been given to let Jordan masses know when they could get their own pair. But with Jordan heads beating the door, expecting a release of this cool pair wouldn’t be too much, right?

Air Jordan 11 Low Black Gum

Besides, Jordan Brand is always known to surprise its audience so it might be worth it to stay tuned for the official release date of this pair and hope against hope that JB would grant some of our wishes.

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