Air Jordan 1 Los Angeles: Simple in an Incredibly Appealing Way

air jordan 1 los angeles classic

First things first: do not be confused by the seemingly two versions of the Los Angeles shoes under the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. One boasts of a “high” version, while the other one seemingly talks about a basic version – but they are both actually the same.

Now, you should know that the Air Jordan 1 Los Angeles is simple in an incredibly appealing way. It follows the Air Jordan 1 pattern so it’s obvious from the start that it’s a classic. However, you’ll find that the colorway deserves a spot of its own in the line of Air Jordan’s to be remembered.

air jordan 1 los angeles classic

To start, off the Los Angeles features a full white pattern with a hint of yellow gold at the sides. The majority of the shoes are white – even the laces and the tongue. There are no hints of added color that gives the shoes added depth from first blush.

air jordan 1 los angeles classic

The icons on display are typical of Nike: the Jump Man logo and the Wings Logo. The first one is displayed on the center of the tongue, beautifully printed in plain white. Don’t worry though, despite the same hue of white, there’s no question that the logo is easily distinguished from the rest of the shoes.

air jordan 1 los angeles classic

You’ve got the Wings log on the side near the ankles. Again, this one is placed in plain white but easily recognizable. It seems that for this particular colorway, Air Jordan wasn’t keen on experimenting.

air jordan 1 los angeles classic

Of course, Air Jordan wouldn’t disappoint us all with something so blandly white. The shoes come with a Gold Wings pin logo in a metallic format that you can attach to the shoes – or anywhere else you wish. This somehow adds a three-dimension aspect to the kicks, making it easily stand out from the crowd without being too garish about it.

air jordan 1 los angeles classic

The defining characteristic of Los Angeles however, as revealed by is the soles. More specifically, the soles that extend down to the bottom portion of these kicks. The soles themselves are translucent blue with the words “Los” in one shoe bottom and “Angeles” in another. The Jump Man logo is stunningly obvious beside the word “Los”, done in a basic black color.

Did we mention that the map of the city is also inscribed at the bottom? If you ever get lost, all you have to do is lift those shoes up and you’ll get back home safely.

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