The Lance Mountain x Nike SB AJ1s Lives On at a Budget-Friendlier Price

The release of Lance Mountain x Nike SB AJ1s in 2014 made a noise online as fans start looking for sneaker news related to the wonderful collaborative work of that time. Recent news, however, of a cheaper Lance Mountain X Nike AJ1 SB drove sneaker fans to search about it right away.


The first Lance Mountain X Nike SB AJ1s was released in 2014 after Lance Mountain, a famous skateboardist collaborated with Nike to release a sneaker pair of different styles. Not only is the skateboarding legend known for his stunts, but also for his sneakers. He wears mismatched sneakers, resulting to the earlier collaboration consisting of different 80s sneakers with different colors. One of the pairs has blue accent while the other one has red accent. Its special feature is a rubber that rubs off when used. Rubbing this layer off will show hints of red and blue accents, giving the sneakers a unique appeal highlighting the spirit of Lance Mountain’s own sneakers.


Reports indicated that the sensational sneakers not only show 80s sneaker design, but also the 80s skateboarding culture. Nowadays, the rumor of the inspired version stirs sneakers fans’ interest.


The Lance Mountain x Nike SB AJ1s-inspired version looks similar with the 2014 release and available in predominantly black color with accents that seems like the original version. It doesn’t have a special rubber feature that the original had. The red lining accent is found on the uppers and along the sides of the shoes. The famous Jumpman logo indicating the brand are also found on the tongue like other Air Jordans available in the market. The stitching also comes as a good accent detail to the piece.


Although the cheaper version may not come with the special feature, it still looks like the first release. Buyers can also expect a cheaper price tag with the new pair. Reports stated that it will cost around $110, which is way cheaper than the Lance Mountain original. The first release costs a lot more and even caused some buyers to skip buying a $400-pair Air Jordan to get the collaborative work with Lance Mountain.


As for the release, consumers would need to wait for upcoming news as there are no actual release date yet for this budget-friendly pair.


The Lance Mountain x Nike SB AJ1s lives on in this new version. Watch out for its release and get yourself a pair inspired by the 2014 collaborative project without spending a fortune.


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