Air Jordan 10 “OVO” – Limited Edition Kicks!

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO ummit White/Metallic Gold-White

It’s expensive – but it’s worth it! The Air Jordan 10 nicknamed “OVO” is set for a September release and by all accounts, a red carpet would be welcoming these kicks in all Jordan Brand stores.

So what exactly makes the OVO special? Here’s what you should know: the OVO was designed by hip-hop star Drake, marketed under the OVO brand which is actually a clothing line. There are two colorways available under OVO: black and white. Choose the one that best appeals to you.

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO
Color:Summit White/Metallic Gold-White
Style Code:819955-100
Release Date:September 12, 2015

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO ummit White/Metallic Gold-White

One thing you can tell for sure about the OVO: it’s simple, but it’s not something you can mistake for any other shoe. The design is pretty much like a signature, making it incredibly easy to recognize the shoes as a pair from the Air Jordan line. Of course, the glaring presence of the Jordan logos also helps.

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO ummit White/Metallic Gold-White

The colors used for the OVO is summit white and metallic gold white, the former being the primary color that covers the kicks. Images from Sneaker News show that the pair boasts of a texture different from other Jordan shoes. It looks soft and rough at the same time with a pattern that’s easily distinguished.

The outsole boasts of a metallic gold white design that seems to be slightly translucent from the press release images. The midsole is done in summit white with a very definite curved pattern that makes it look like the shoes are meant for the feminine at heart. Make no mistake about it though – the OVO shoe is all man.

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO ummit White/Metallic Gold-White

There’s not much to go on based on the pictures. There’s no front view or back view to tell us what color choices were made for the logos and markings of the Air Jordan 10. There seems to be an “Air Jordan” word embossed on the tongue, however, with the number “23” at the bottom. The laces are kept in clean white.

The Jordan release date of these kicks is meant for September 2015. As for the price, don’t get shocked but the retail of these shoes are set for $225 which is considerably more than most Air Jordan brand shoes in the market today. Maybe that’s because hip-hop star Drake did the designing? We’re not sure – but there’s no question that the OVO is a favorite nowadays.

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO ummit White/Metallic Gold-White

If the design (and price) is to your liking, feel free to be one of the first few to have these kicks. You can purchase them in all Jordan Brand stores upon release or you can save yourself the trouble and just reserve them online.

Air Jordan 10 Retro OVO ummit White/Metallic Gold-White

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