Jordan Westbrook 0 Midnight Navy: Anything Fantastic About It

Jordan Westbrook 0 Midnight Navy

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will look fashionable 5 or 10 years afterwards, look no further than the Jordan Westbrook 0 “Midnight Navy”. Reviews for this baby have been more than stunning as Jordan fans are lining up for their release in the market.

Jordan Westbrook 0 “Midnight Navy”
Release Date: Fall of 2015
Price: $130

Jordan Westbrook 0 Midnight Navy

It is not hard to see why these kicks are making the rounds. Casual and made for off-court use, the colorway boasts of a simple Midnight Navy exterior and white soles. They do not stand out in the same way as other color-bombarded silhouettes, but that what makes them classics. These are the shoes you can literally wear almost anywhere and be confident that they are going to blend perfectly with the event. Clean and basic, this colorway is like the suit of shoes.

Jordan Westbrook 0 Midnight Navy

The trim boasts of a crocodile-like pattern while the sides are pretty straightforward with some raised patterns following the line of the laces. The laces by the way are nylon-aided and feature the same color as the overall body of the shoes. The tongue has exactly the same color with the ubiquitous Jump Man logo displayed right on the center. Other than the Midnight Navy and the white color, there is also a gold plated design found on the lace which helps add to the classic look of the shoes.

Unlike most Jordan shoes, the Jordan Westbrook 0 “Midnight Navy” does not have a Nike logo located at the back where the heel usually sits. This bodes of a very simplistic view of the design with hardly any other marker found in the entire body. Even the bottom portion of the shoes are left blank and done completely in white.

Jordan Westbrook 0 Midnight Navy

The Jordan release date for these kicks is set on Fall of 2015 with a price of around $130 – definitely cheaper than most Jordan Brands in the market today. Sneaker News reveals that there’s a high demand for these babies so make sure you’ve got yours reserved before stocks dwindle.

If you’re wondering what exactly makes the Jordan Westbrook 0 “Midnight Navy” such a promising hit – the answer is simple. These kicks are minimal in appearance without really losing the quiet sense of style typically attributed to Nike shoes. Strictly an off court’ choice, they’re quickly becoming a favorite among buyers.

Some pictures are circling around showing a red version, grey version, and white version of this model so if the Midnight Navy isn’t exactly to your taste, you have another option out there

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