Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard Now Available in Leading Stores

Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard White/Gym Red-Black-Infrared 23

While many Jordan fans are after the traditional look of the brand’s sneakers, other fans are more free and looking for printed Jordans available in the market. These fans are definitely the ones excited about the release of Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard Now Available.

Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard
Color:White/Gym Red-Black-Infrared 23

Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard White/Gym Red-Black-Infrared 23

Sneaker Overview

The Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard Now Available perhaps has the most playful colorway the brand ever released. Although the colorway is predominantly black and white, its jacquard styling gave it a different appeal. Jacquard is a weaving style that gives this footwear a unique texture than typical smooth-finished Jordans. Black and white ripples give it an animal-print appeal, but with knockout styling the brand is known for.

Aside from black and white, it also has the Infrared 23 as well as Gym Red shades as accents. These colors are found on the Jumpman logo placed on the ankle area and on the outsole, working as an extra twist on this monochrome piece.

Despite its playful colorway, the brand ensures to give it the performance the brand is known for. It offers on-the-fly support and materials combined give way to its breathable feature. Its breathable features allow fans to enjoy the amazing footwear for their activities. People will enjoy the amazing line in terms of aesthetics while allowing them to take advantage of its performance features.

When it comes to comfort, buyers are guaranteed that they will get the best features that will give them the experience they want in doing their activities. The brand also used the right materials to contribute to this amazing feature. So, when it comes to design and comfort, buyers will definitely find what hey need from this footwear.

Price and Release Date

The Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard Now Available and can be purchased in different stores. Jordan fans don’t have to wait for its Jordan release date as they can visit usual Jordan stockists to find this footwear. It is now available for $175 instead of the earlier reported price tag. While it costs $25 more, fans will definitely find its features appealing for their needs.

Jordan Super.Fly 4 Jacquard Now Available is sold at many Jordan stockists online and in retail stores. Take note that while the brand has released this footwear, be sure to watch out for other sneaker news to stay updated with the brand’s new releases that will entice your footwear taste.

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