Air Jordan 1 Mid White/Wolf Grey- The Wear of Sunshine

Air Jordan 1 Mid is one of the most popular series of Air Jordan. And Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey” is proudest member of that series. Nice weather, bright sunshine and Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey” sneaker, a perfect combination for a smart, passionate person. The whole sneaker is very stable and outlast. Enjoy the whole season with this sneaker and keep walking and running with the full confidence. Air Jordan has launched plenty of sneakers this year and still to come a few at the last of the year. Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey” is an upcoming attraction from Air Jordan. People already go nuts and showed enough excitement about this sneaker. Let’s take a detailed look on Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey”.

Release Date & News

Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey” is going to boom, undoubtedly. There are several sneaker news about this sneaker and all are very much positive. Mostly, the public reaction seems too much positive that this one can make even better business than Air Jordan’s expectation. The release date is not yet announced but in a press briefing, Air Jordan has said that this sneaker is coming within next few weeks. From a confidential but trustworthy sneaker news source, we heard that the Jordan release date will be fixed within October. And Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey” will arrive in in this Fall. Sneaker fanatic will enjoy a great fall this year with “White/Wolf Grey.”


Though, the Jordan release date is not yet fixed but the excitement is on the top. Also, in some sneaker news, there are various criticisms about this sneaker. But beyond all these criticism, people prefer this sneaker’s design a lot. Many say, the design and the color combination will shut every critics mouth off. The vinyl on the sneaker and the ribbon, out sole are awesome in one word. The upper level of this sneaker is white and the ribbon and other soles are grey. The white and grey combination has made this sneaker more attractive and lucrative. The manufacturer, Air Jordan has kept the price range within the average stage. There are opportunity for this sneaker to make a huge impact on the market through its overall look. Because such kind of design that this sneaker has isn’t yet available on market. Additionally, Air Jordan 1 Mid “White/Wolf Grey” will comfort your legs in this sweet season. So, sunshine and elegant sneaker on the leg with baseball bat in hand! Can you believe? Then, still what are you waiting for?




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