Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Launches on September

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Black/True Red

Utilizing a combination of premium suede and leather, the Air Jordan 11 IE Low “Referee” is currently headlining Sneaker News as it gets ready for a September release. With a hugely popular silhouette in the Air Jordan 11, it is exciting to see how Nike chose to churn out a colorway that is done completely in black.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee
Color:Black/True Red
Style Code:306008-003
Release Date:September 26, 2015

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Black/True Red

For those who are close fans of the Air Jordan line, you will know that this is not the first “Referee” to be released. The first one was out years ago and how does this new model compare? Truth is that there is not much of a difference with the colors, except that this particular Referee utilizes different materials, exchanging the original nubuck for suede. It is not obvious at first glance, but there is definitely something about the texture of suede that makes it feel good to the touch.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Black/True Red

Anyway, the varying materials of leather and suede help create the dimensions and patterns of the Referee. The different shades at least create some contrast. The soles are equally dark in color and well defined in their lining with no other hint of color. The outsole is a little thicker than most with stylish depressions and a seemingly translucent quality to them.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Black/True Red

The tongue and laces are all black in color. The only other shade available is red which lets it stand out against the black backdrop. This red is characterized by the Jump Man logo located at the top center of the tongue. There’s also a hint of lacy black-red design along the center of the sole, viewed from the side view of the shoes. The only other logo to be found is IN the shoes where the heels are rested. The back portion which usually shows a Jump Man logo is adorned with a mesh-like design done completely in black. Hence, other than the one on the tongue, there are no other easily-visible Nike logos on the Referee.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Black/True Red

The bottom portion is a study of red and black – not really something to talk about. All in all, it’s a fairly understated model that doesn’t really draw much attention at first glance. Still, the Jordan release date of this kicks is well-anticipated since they’re the kind of shoes you can REALLY bring in court and just use and abuse at will.

All in all, if you’re feeling the Referee, better make sure you’re in line for its release.

Air Jordan 11 IE Low Referee Black/True Red

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