Air Jordan 4 Alternate’89 Is Set To Impress Fanatics Next Year

Air Jordan 4 Alternate'89 White/Black-Gym Red

If you are looking for the perfect kicks to start the year 2016, look no further with the Air Jordan 4 “Alternate ’89”. That is right, 2015 is not over yet but the Air Jordan brand already has something to look forward to in the coming year.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate’89
Color:White/Black-Gym Red
Style Code:308497-104
Release Date:January 2, 2016
Price: $190

Air Jordan 4 Alternate'89 White/Black-Gym Red

The Alternate 89 is a nod to the year the silhouette was originally released. The whole “Alternate” series follows a theme wherein early models are re-imagined to see what they would look like. Kicking off the series is the Alternate 89 and based on this colorway, there is a pretty good chance that every other shoe following this would look utterly perfect.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate'89 White/Black-Gym Red

With one look, you can tell that the 89 is bound to be a classic. It is a combination of white and red – ordinarily simple colors but with a positioning that makes everyone drool.

Most of the shoe body is actually done in clean, incredibly brilliant white. The reds are equally bright and strategically placed in several locations, starting with a mesh-like coating along the front, sides, and a lace-holder at the top. The midsole are also done in brilliant red but it does not completely cover the midsole. The outsole is a ribbed white and this seems to extend all the way to the bottom.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate'89 White/Black-Gym Red

The tongue is also done in pure white with some red edging. Of course, let us not forget the ubiquitous Jump Man logo which completes the overall design. This particular logo is done in black and seems to be stitched on the shoes. So far, images of the Alternate 89 does not show the back portion, but following the Air Jordan 4 silhouette – we are pretty sure that another Nike logo is in full display of these shoes.

Air Jordan 4 Alternate'89 White/Black-Gym Red

All in all, it’s tough to say anything bad about the Air Jordan 4 “Alternate ’89”. It’s certainly clean on the eyes and following the concept, it’s easy to see how this could be something Michael Jordan wore during the early years of basketball. If you’re still confused about what Alternate means, check out the “Fire Red” kicks under the Jordan line. This is basically an alternate to that colorway, providing fans with a glimpse of possibilities if Nike decided to go the other way. Now, if you had the Fire Red shoes, wouldn’t it be great to have this one too?

The Alternate 89 won’t be available until after a few months – which should give you ample time to decide if this is something you want. Sneaker news say that its Jordan release date will be on January 2, 2016.

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