Air Jordan 13 Retro: Here’s Why It Is Hotly Anticipated

Air Jordan 13 CP Hornets Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

When the words “Air Jordan 13 Retro”, it’s hard to come up with a specific design to match with the name. Sure, the silhouette is pretty standard and for those who have been fans of Michael Jordan for a long time, you’ll know that the Air Jordan 13 is one of the last few silhouettes actually worn by His Airiness while playing for the Chicago Bulls. The Retro series therefore commemorates this wonderful season.

Air Jordan 13 Retro
Color:Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue
Style Code: 823902-015
Release Date:November 7,2015

Air Jordan 13 CP Hornets Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

First off: the Air Jordan 13 Retro has a dozen or so colorways under its belt. Do a search and you’ll probably find names like “Cement Grey” and “Black-Gym Red” – incidentally two of the most popular colorways in this series. The Jordan release date for these kicks has long been past – so there’s a good chance you’ll find them on the shelves right now.

Focusing on the models available today, let’s take a good look at “Cement Grey” which is a favorite for many.

Air Jordan 13 CP Hornets Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

Couched in colors of white, grey, and red – the Cement Grey colorway definitely makes you stand out from the crowd. This was originally released in 1998 and for the latest release; a bit of polishing was done. The trim is adorned in cement grey with the rest of the body beautifully done in leather white – a bit of dimpling along the sides creating a distinctive pattern. Red suede is also added in for color – resulting to a clean and flawless design that’s hard to pass up – especially for die-hard Jordan fans. The best word to describe this colorway would be: classic. We expect that this one will be released every few years or so with very little changes done because as it stands, the “Cement Grey” Air Jordan 13 Retro looks perfect.

Air Jordan 13 CP Hornets Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue
The tongue is also done in cement grey colors with the Nike logo proudly placed on the center. The Jumpman design is stitched on top and a “Jordan” fabric is stitched onto the bottom part of where the laces intersect. As for the laces, they’re round and grey so that they blend with the tongue and don’t create a distraction for the overall design.

Sneaker News also provides for a close-up of these shoes, revealing a green translucent ball on the sides, where the ankles will typically rest. The back is clean and provides a red-white pattern that adds style to the shoes. The soles are a wavy combination of red and white layers and the interior boasts of a red Jumpman stitching.

Of course, if you’re waiting for something new – no doubt Jordan has something in store for this year. Just wait and enjoy what they have to offer under this amazing silhouette.

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