Air Jordan 13 CP3 – Get a Pair of an Exlusive!

Air Jordan 13 CP3 Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

The current clamor and the long reservation line for the Air Jordan 13 CP3 isn’t surprising considering how this colorway was originally a player-exclusive. First spotted on the feet of Chris Paul, the Air Jordan 13 CP3 is now available for anyone who fell in love with this design but found the exorbitant price too much.

Air Jordan 13 CP3
Color:Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue
Style Code:823902-015
Release Date:November 7, 2015

Air Jordan 13 CP3 Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

Even without it’s exclusive past, however, it is easy to see the Air Jordan 13 CP3 as being a crowd favorite. The design is definitely eye-catching but with a classic twist to it that tells you these Kicks will still be fashionable after several decades. The colorway is essentially a mixture of black, blue, and yellow. Unlike other Jordans, however, the material used is a combination of leather and suede which creates a very distinctive texture. At first look, you can already tell that this is the type of shoe you can dirty-up without any guilt since the material allows for easy washing.

Air Jordan 13 CP3 Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue
The teal-blue color is mainly confined to the bottom part of the body and a little bit along the mouth. Black, patterned leather is utilized for the trim and the tongue with a hint of sunstone yellow done in the Cp3 logo. The heels are also done in teal blue with this little distinctive marble-like circle that adds to the overall design of the shoes.
Air Jordan 13 CP3 Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue
The upper portion of the shoes has a weave-like structure with pure nets that adds personality to the Sneakers. Edging the line of the outsole is sunstone yellow which helps define the whole ensemble.

The tongue and laces are both done in black, probably put there to pull your eyes towards the blueness of the lower portion. Unlike other shoes, the back portion does not display a Jumpman logo but with the CP3 design in front, who needs it? Instead, the Jumpman logo is located inside the shoes and at the bottom – which means that it can’t be easily seen by anyone.

Air Jordan 13 CP3 Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

All in all, this is definitely a flawless piece of design that has luckily been added to the affordable and accessible list of Air Jordan shoes. According to Sneaker News, the Jordan release date for the CP3 is on November 7, which means that you better be one of the first few in line.

Air Jordan 13 CP3 Black/Sunstone-Orion Blue

Have we mentioned that there is a limit to one pair per customer for this model? It’s available in different men sizes but if you’re a girl with slightly larger feet, you just might be in luck.

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