Air Jordan 1.5 Black/Black-Gym Red-White – Banned Series Gets Unbanned

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred Black/Gym Red-White

Dubbed the “Banned” series, it’s not exactly surprising while the Air Jordan 1.5 is heading Sneaker News nowadays. Set for a November release this year, the colorway boasts of a black-red-white shade combination that’s loud, bold, and hard to overlook.

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred
Color:Black/Gym Red-White
Style Code:768861-001
Release Date:November 21, 2015

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred Black/Gym Red-White

The Air Jordan 1.5 is a little high on the ankles so it might not be the best footwear if you’re looking for something to wear on-court. The design however is stylish and will serve you well when off-court.

The main body of the shoes is made from black leather with an equally large covering of red. It’s safe to say that the model has equal parts black and red, beautifully distributed throughout the body of the soles. The trim is mainly done in red with the Nike logo placed on the sides in beautifully bold red.

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred Black/Gym Red-White

The Wings logo is also on display, located on the exterior where the ankles are typically placed. Unfortunately, there are no backside pictures of the shoes yet so were not entirely sure how the Jordan brand handled the heel-portion of the shoes. Hopefully, it would just be a smooth red with a distinct logo of Nike – perhaps the Jumpman or a basic wording of the brand.
Air Jordan 1.5 Bred Black/Gym Red-White

The soles are done in simple white with a thin layer of outsole done in basic red. As for the tongue – it seems to be a solid black in design with blood red laces – the perfect counterpart for the clean look. Again – no front view images for the Banned so we can’t be sure what logo is placed smacked on the center of the tongue. Typically a prominent place, the Air Jordan brand usually reserves this particular spot for the Jumpman logo.

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred Black/Gym Red-White

Even with just a side view of the design, it’s safe to say that this particular model and colorway will be a big hit. Using colors that have been proven successful before, the “Banned” has every of being sought after in the current market. Hopefully, clearer and more definite pictures will surface about this model as November draws to a close.

Air Jordan 1.5 Bred Black/Gym Red-White

The Jordan release date for the Air Jordan 1.5 Black/Black-Gym Red-White is rumored to be during the late part of November with a price tag of $150 – definitely on the cheaper side of today’s Air Jordan soles. To be more specific, the date is on November 21, to be placed on select Air Jordan brand stores. Make sure to watch out for this pair as soon as they hit the stands.

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