Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher – Inspired By 11-Year Old Kian

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

The Nike Lebron 13 has always been a great silhouette, but with the Doernbecher colorway, the great turns into excellent or even stellar. We’re not just talking about the colors but rather – the back story as to why the Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher is taking the center stage.

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher
Style Code:838989-805
Release Date:November 21, 2015

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

To start off, this colorway was NOT designed by the brilliant people from Nike. Sure, they might have had a hand in the process, but most of this piece was decided on by 11-year old Kian Safholm.

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

The shoes are a plethora of colors, mainly using shades of red, yellow, orange, violet, and blue. Think: rainbow, but with a smoother system of transcending from one shade to another. The trim of the shoes start off with yellow, gradually moving upwards to orange, and then red, violet, and finally a deep shade of blue settling along the crown part of the tongue and the mouth of the shoes.

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

Where did Kian get his inspiration for this design? Well, a few years ago he was diagnosed with a serious case of staph infection that managed to invade vital organs in his body. Although already OK now, he then needed 3 rounds of surgery in order to get better. His shoes therefore symbolize exactly what he had been through in order to be the healthy little boy he is now.
Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

“This medical journey has taught me that it’s possible to have a good ending to a bad beginning” he says, which is probably why the colors follow a transcending pattern from dark to light. The tongue follows the same color pattern, blending perfectly well with the overall theme of the shoes. As with most Doernbecher, there’s a tag along the edge with the name of the person who designed the shoes – in this case, KIAN. The midsole is an opaque and clean black while the outsole displays a translucent bluish tinge.

Nike LeBron 13 Doernbecher Multi-Color/Black

What we can tell and what Sneaker News shows us is that the design is something a lot of sneaker enthusiasts today are more than willing to purchase as soon as it hits the market. Inspired from LeBron who happens to be Kian’s favorite player, his wish is for LeBron to actually wear the shoes at some point – especially during the game.

The Jordan release date of these kicks is scheduled for November 21, 2015. Although you might not be LeBron, we’re pretty sure Kian will love it if you buy a pair and show it around town.

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