Air Jordan 7 Olympic: The Only Air Jordan Shoes That Commemorates Olympics

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic

Three years ago, Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan 7 Olympic days before the 2012 Olympic Games in London officially started. The silhouette for the Olympic AJ7 is the same sneaker which Michael Jordan wore when he led the U.S. Dream Team during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona to bag the revered Gold Medal. Eight years later, in August 2004, the public were given their first glimpse of the Air Jordan 7 Olympic as it became available to mark the start of the Olympic Games in the same year in Athens, Greece. Six years after, the Olympic made another comeback for Jordan Brand’s “For The Love Of The Game” Collection. Two years later, the AJ7 Olympic joined several other Air Jordans with their Olympic-inspired design as the highlight of 2012’s releases and the Air Jordan Gold Medal Pack.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic
Release Date:Fall 2016

Over the years, Sneaker News provided Jordan heads and fans with quite a few impressive versions of the Air Jordan 7s – but not as impressive as the Olympic looks. Right on the punch, the Olympic Air Jordan 7 has a good enough reason to be worthy of the gold medal itself. Its official Jordan release date in 2012 has seen to its success.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic

So why get yourself a pair of the Air Jordan 7 Olympic?
Let’s start with the cool and “champion” colorway. The Olympic Air Jordan sports the classy combination of white leather base and rich accents all throughout the shoes done in metallic gold, obsidian black, and true red.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic

So let’s see, the white upper leather base is the perfect canvas for the shoes body. One, it gives the shoes its clean look and two, it makes the colored accents even more highlighted than with any other color. Next, the shoes’ overall design screams “sporty” and “champion” altogether. It’s impossible for anybody – on or off the court – not to notice the Olympic given its metallic gold and silver accents. The gold Jumpman logo on the side is done very tastefully as well as the geometric midsole design in red and gold. The insole, tongue, and heel tab design are done in red and it’s the only Olympic show with the “9” heel badge of the all-time basketball legend. Underneath, the outsole of the Air Jordan 7 Olympic is also a riot of colors done in geometric patterns of black, red, and white, with the Jumpman logo standing stark white against the black heel part.

Air Jordan 7 Retro Olympic

Given that the AJ7 Olympic is the only shoes that MJ wore for his very own Olympic Games, having this pair right on your collection would be worth your money whatever the season might be.

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  1. How much would you say the originals, the ones that came out in 1992 for the public. I have a pair, never worn, of Jordan Barcelona shoes.


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