Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE Exclusive: Here Is Why It Is Adorable

Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE

Definitely one of the slickest designs today courtesy of the Air Jordan Brand, the XX9 features a design that is full on memorable. Already debuted in court, Sneaker News gives us the good news that the Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE is finally available through Jordan Brand stores.

Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly what makes the UNC PE stand out from the line of Air Jordan XX9. Unlike the XX9 Westbrook, this particular colorway isn’t confined to just one color splashed all over the body of the shoes. A pattern can be seen here and Nike actually went further than usual, this time showcasing a definable image embossed on the face of the shoes.

Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE

First though: a quick background on what inspired these shoes. Essentially, the UNC PE is inspired from the North Carolina basketball team which was the alma mater of none other than Michael Jordan himself. With the North Carolina team finally back on the NCAA, this is Jordan’s way of honoring that comeback while at the same time adding to the sweet collection of colorways under the Air Jordan XX9 silhouette.
Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE

North Carolina has the ram for its mascot, hence the ram’ design along the sides of the shoes. The body of the kicks itself is done primarily in sky blue with the ram done in basic white, creating a beautiful blending that’s tough to ignore. Proudly embossed on the side are the letters UNC, right on top of the Ram.

The tongue is a stylish combination of black and dashes of dark blue with the ubiquitous Jump Man placed on the center. To make the Jump Man stand out, they’ve done him in basic white – a little larger than usual so that the brand will really pop out. The laces are made in a dark shade of blue-black which works well with the lighter shade of blue found on the body. As for the soles – they’re also in the shade of blue-black with barely-there patterns that feels great on your hands. A solid white edging is left for the outsole, creating depth and edges that pulls the whole design together.

Air Jordan XX9 UNC PE

All in all, the Air Jordan XX9 “UNC” PE is a great colorway although it might not appeal to everyone – especially if you’re not a North Carolina fan. No doubt about it however – the UNC PE colorway is outstanding in itself and it’s a shame that they’re exclusive for the UNC. Still, a Jordan release date might be announced if the demand is high enough.

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