Bred Air Jordan 11 Lows Are Restocking (Again)

Air Jordan 11 Lows Bred

No question about it – the Air Jordan 11 Lows “Bred” is the most popular colorway of the Jordan Brand collection. Originally launched on March 2015, the shoes are being re-launched as the demand for these kicks reach an all time high. Needless to say, all Jordan Brand stores are being restocked with this colorway, thanks to the incredible amount of people still in line for the kicks.

‘Bred’ Air Jordan 11 Lows
Release Date: December 2015
Price: $170

Air Jordan 11 Lows Bred
The demand isn’t really surprising considering the fact that the ‘Bred’ colorway screams of timeless. An exciting combination of black, red, and white, the “Bred” series is something that appeals to both men and women.

Air Jordan 11 Lows Bred
For the most part, the Bred boasts of an overall black body made of smooth leather covering the trim all the way to the heels. The upper portion, however, boasts of a mesh-like pattern that allows your foot to breathe even during use. With black laces intertwined on the center, blending with an equally black tongue, there’s no question that the “Bred” series catches the eye even as it manages to look classic when worn.

Air Jordan 11 Lows Bred
The red colors aren’t that extensive but definitely outstanding, especially thanks to the infrared shade. The color is mainly found on the edgings of the shoe, more specifically as part of the outsole, creating a defining line that’s tough to ignore. Placed between the black body of the shoes and the red edging is a plain white midsole with just hints of lining to complete the clean look.
Air Jordan 11 Lows Bred
Although the top portion of the tongue doesn’t have the typical Jump Man design, it does display the logo on the heel in miniscule red. Compared to other Jump Man logos, the icon placed on the Bred’ is a little smaller than usual – but the infrared shade more than makes up for it. Of course, there’s also the number 23 placed along the edging which is inconspicuous but shows excellent attention to detail.

Air Jordan 11 Lows Bred
Here’s more good news: Sneaker News expects that these shoes will be available in all sizes. That means that GS and Kid versions will be available upon the Jordan release date – although it’s not sure yet exactly when this will be. Stay in tune this month however because it’s almost certain that when the Bred comes back in the market, it will be before the month of December ends!
As for the pricing, we’re hoping that it wouldn’t change despite the incredible demand. Previous releases were sold for $170 and hopefully, these restocks will be no different.

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