Air Jordan 4 OG White Cement is Back for 2016!

Air Jordan 4 OG White/Black-Cement

If you are in the market for something timeless and classy, say hello to the “White Cement” release by Air Jordan. Sneaker News shows some of the most splendid images of this Air Jordan 4 OG from all sides and we have to say, it is definitely easy on the eyes.

Air Jordan 4 OG White Cement
Style Code:308496-104
Release Date:February 13, 2016

Air Jordan 4 OG White/Black-Cement
While the ‘Bred’ by Air Jordan was all kinds of loud, the White Cement is a little understated – but no less eye-catching. As the name suggests, it is mainly white in color with a bit of ;cement’ contrast thrown in. The silhouette of Air Jordan 4 Retro in itself iconic, the last time they were released was in 2012.

Air Jordan 4 OG White/Black-Cement
Anyway, the shoes are done primarily in white with a hint of grey cement lining the bottom portion of the body. Sandwiched between the grey cement top and the grey cement outsole is a layer of white and black, creating a third-dimensional, sophisticated feel to the whole getup.
There is also a hint of black along the top and a below where the laces run through, the black being a good choice since it manages to accent the whiteness of the shoe body. The laces themselves are also done in white with the center portion displaying the Jump Man logo in glaring red.

Air Jordan 4 OG White/Black-Cement
The color choice for the Jump Man icon is perhaps the best choice for this White Cement. Considering the majority whiteness of these kicks, placing a glaring red icon on the center definitely gains that ‘eye catching’ appeal that tells everyone this is an Air Jordan original.

Air Jordan 4 OG White/Black-Cement
Around the back, Nike also decided to put out a bit more design for the White Cement 2016 debut. The ‘Nike Air’ wording with the Swoosh logo below is proudly embedded on the heel portion in solid black with some grey cement as backdrop. There’s also some ridging immediately at the top of the Nike Air logo which adds to the overall uniqueness of the shoes. The bottom portion is a little understated, displaying on the red Nike Swoosh logo in its simplicity.

Air Jordan 4 OG White/Black-Cement
All in all, this colorway is worth queuing for especially since it might take several more years before another one like this comes back. The rumored Jordan release date is for 2016 so if they’re not out yet, they soon will be.
Unfortunately, there is no news as to whether the colorway will be available in GS and Kid sizes, but we’ve got our fingers crossed. Note: these shoes will be more expensive than usual.

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