Jordan Air Spike 40 Makes an Eye-Grabbing Comeback

Jordan Air Spike 40 Black/Fire Red
Jordan Air Spike 40

Yes, the Spike Lee is back – this time better than before. If you recall that Spizike, chances are you have a pretty good idea of how the Jordan Air Spike 40 will turn out. Suffice it to say, the images released through Sneaker News shoes show that these are NOT the kicks you can easily ignore.

Jordan Air Spike 40
Color:Black/Fire Red
Style Code:807541-002
Release Date:December 16, 2015

Jordan Air Spike 40 Black/Fire Red

First, here is what you should keep in mind: don’t get confused about the Air Spike 40. The truth is that you can launch a search on these words and get 4 different colorways under the same silhouette. That is because Spike Lee is designed to create 4 different colorways, each one released at different months so everyone will get sufficient time to appreciate every colorway.

Jordan Air Spike 40 Black/Fire Red

To start off, we’ve got a primary orange design matched with a resplendent glittery blue upper and a semi-translucent violet outsole. Next, we’ve got something on the ‘white’ end of the scale with a red lace lock and darker outsole shades of black and blue.

The third one is probably everyone’s favorite in the group: a combination of blue, white, and sky blue for its outsole. The lace lock is a bright orange which clashes well with the equally blue shoelaces used in the overall design.

Jordan Air Spike 40 Black/Fire Red

Lastly, we’ve got the black Spike Lee design – the latest in the line. Following the same basic silhouette, the black Spike 40 boasts of a black and red combination – no different from the incredibly popular ‘Bred’ by Air Jordan. Anyway, the body of the shoes is covered mainly by black with the soles done in a deep shade of red. This also has a lace lock in bright red.

Jordan Air Spike 40 Black/Fire Red

Looking along the heels, the Nike Air logo with the Swoosh is proudly on display. It is tough to tell the color with the other designs but for the blue, the Nike logo is done in glaring yellow.

Anyway, most of these shoes are already out and available in Jordan Brand stores. However, the latest one is yet to be released with the Jordan release date set for the last month of the year. The price is relatively cheaper than other Air Jordan shoes available today so better grab them while they are hot!

Jordan Air Spike 40 Black/Fire Red

Although not really dubbed classics when it comes to the colorway, there is no question that the Spike 40 series is a statement all on their own. These shoes aren’t made to blend – they are made to stand out and built for people who intend to do exactly that!

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