Air Jordan 4 GS Denim – Something for the Girls

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink

Good news for all Jordan shoe fans out there who do not happen to be men – Nike has something for you this coming 2016! The Jordan line usually has GS releases for their female fan base, but the amount of colorways is pathetically smaller compared to what the men are choosing from. Sure, you can always choose a male-inspired design, but the sizes are just too big so you can’t even order those.

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim
Color:Black/Vivid Pink
Style Code:487724-408
Release Date:January 16, 2016

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink
With the Air Jordan 4 GS “Denim” – you will be able to get excellent Jordan kicks in YOUR size. Made especially for women and designed to appeal to the feminine in you, the Denim is set for release as the year 2016 rolls in.

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink
Sneaker News has recently released images of the Denim and feminine’ is a great description for it. Topped with a denim blue upper with bright pink soles, it is a perfect combination of classically feminine. Set for release at the same time as Westbrooke’s “BHM”, these particular kicks should not leave the small-feet fans behind.

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink
Anyway, the overall design is pretty simple and straightforward which actually makes these shoes an excellent candidate for timeless. The dark blue denim upper is beautifully contrasted by the bright pink which is also shown on the tongue of the shoes, smack on the center where the Jumpman logo is supposed to go. Obviously, the Jumpman is there done in understated orange with the bright pink design utilized as the background. From the side, you can also tell that the inner portion of the kicks is also done in bright pink.

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink
The bright pink, however, is confined to the edges as the center of the shoes is kept dark blue – especially the laces. Clean and conservative from the front, the back is adorned with the unmistakable Jumpman logo in bright pink.

A bit of white can be seen – placed as the midsole separating the dark blue denim and the bright pink silhouette. The bottom portion of these shoes is also pretty straightforward – pink with a puddle of white in the center and within it, another Jumpman logo, this time done in black.

Air Jordan 4 GS Denim Black/Vivid Pink
All in all, it is a pretty provocative piece that you will love or barring that – something your girlfriend will love. Being a GS edition, the “Denim” is priced at a slightly lower cost – $140 compared to the more expensive male Jordan shoes. Available in selected brand stores, have yours now!

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