Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red March Release

Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red White/Fire Red-Black

Get ready for the Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red which is included in the Jordan releases 2016.

The colorway is not exactly new but due to popular demand, Air Jordan is bringing it back under the Air Jordan 5 silhouette. Unlike before however, it is a low top version which seems to be a favorite for most crowds today. Boasting of a classic design, it is not surprising if Air Jordan decides to release another Fire Red classic later on in the year or the succeeding ones.
Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red White/Fire Red-Black

Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red
Color:White/Fire Red-Black
Style Code:819171-101
Release Date:March 12, 2016

For now, however, let us talk about the one for March that displays a combination of red, black, and white. Most of the body is done in white with some accents of red thrown in to create that bold-mute balance. The black is in the form of a mesh located along the side center and licking the top sides and the bottom of the soles. The tongue is also done in beautiful black with a bright red Jumpman logo on the center.

Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red White/Fire Red-Black
From the back, you can see the Jumpman logo, this time done in black with a solid white background. The midsole are done in fire engine red and the outsole in a unique shade of blue. The laces are pure white with a transparent lacelock.
Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red White/Fire Red-Black

The bottom portion is not shown but do we really need to find out how the flip side looks? We are just happy these kicks are out and available in the market again, considering that the old Fire Red version was such a hit.
Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red White/Fire Red-Black

All in all, it is a pretty good colorway with balanced colors and designs. They are not exactly the kind that catches the eyes instantly, but you can tell they are meant to be classics. From the simple color choices and combination, it is not that hard to see this model as the everyday-wearing kind you would want to keep around. The muted combination of shades makes it perfect for practically any and all types of occasion.

To be specific, the Jordan release date for these babies is set for March 12, 2016 with a retail price of $175 – not bad for something that is set to be a classic, just like its predecessor. Sneaker News already released several images of the colorway from different angles so you should have a pretty good idea of whether you would be one of those who want to add the colorway to their collection. Unfortunately, no news as to GS or kids versions will be available in the market.

Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red White/Fire Red-Black

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