Air Jordan 10 Chicago – City Pack 2016

Air Jordan 10 Chicago White/University Blue-Black-Bright Crimson

Face it, all Air Jordan shoes are eye-catching. But if you really want something that grabs attention, the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” would be it. Boasting of a white and red color combination, it is a very eye-popping colorway that will be added to the 2016 City Pack.
Air Jordan 10 Chicago White/University Blue-Black-Bright Crimson

Air Jordan 10 Chicago
Color:White/University Blue-Black-Bright Crimson
Style Code:310805-114
Release Date:May 14, 2016

This is actually a revamp version with the original City Pack released around 1994 to 1995. For this year’s edition, the full color combination includes white, Blue Black, Bright Crimson, and University Blue. The University Blue is mostly done in accents with white covering most of the shoes from the trim all the way to the back. Bright Crimson – essentially red – covers a larger area than the blue and extends to the outsole and the tongue of the kicks. The blue and red colors are entwined together along the middle portion where the laces are supposed to go.

Air Jordan 10 Chicago White/University Blue-Black-Bright Crimson
Speaking of laces, they are almost invincible, thanks to their red hue matched with the red background of the tongue. The words “Air Jordan 23” is discreetly placed on the tongue using colors that make it almost impossible to read. This is perhaps one of the drawbacks of the Air Jordan 10 “Chicago”. One would hope that Nike uses bold and varied colors for the log so that it can stand out from the crowd. In the “Chicago” version, the brand wording seems to be engraved onto the tongue, which makes it harder to see.

To wrap up this Chicago “City Pack” 2016 version, the word “CHI” is written along the sides of the shoe. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the back portion looks like because there are no images from this view yet. From the looks of things, however, there is something placed on the heels – probably the Jumpman logo done in red.

Whatever it is, majority of the Chicago look is also well done so the back portion is not really something we are worried about. The product is supposed to sell for $190 with a Jordan release date of May 14, 2016. That is still pretty far away so if you think these kicks are for you, better start saving for them now.

The Air Jordan 10 “Chicago” is just one of the few Jordan releases 2016. You will find that there is actually a lot more models coming out this year as we move to the second quarter. For now though, take advantage of what is on offer with the “Chicago” currently one of the most sought after models.

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