Air Jordan 1 Metallic Pack – Another Jordan Classic

Air Jordan 1 Metallic Pack Spring 2016

Heading the Jordan releases 2016 is the Metallic Pack which consists of two different colorways under the same iconic silhouette: the Air Jordan 1. Michael Jordan’s favorite, it makes sense for these kicks to be revamped and released in so many possible colors. For now, you can expect a Red and Blue colorway under the Metallic Pack set for release in spring of 2016.

Air Jordan 1 Metallic Pack Spring 2016

Air Jordan 1 Metallic Pack
Color:Metallic Gold/Metallic Silver
Release Date:Spring 2016

To be honest, these Air Jordan 1 colorways are not extensively designed – but that is not a bad thing. In fact, they both have earmarks of a classic with Nike choosing to use Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver accents to the design, hence the “Metallic Pack” moniker. The metal accents, however, cover a fairly small portion of the shoes, mostly seen along the Swoosh logo along the side and the Wings logo along the top of the kicks.

There won’t be any OG branding for both pairs and the Jumpman logo is placed where they are traditionally placed, which means that you’ll find them on the tongue and along the heels. But what about the colorway itself?

Air Jordan 1 Metallic Pack Spring 2016
The blue colored kicks feature a white trim and a white midsole. The outsole is a thin lining of blue which matches the rest of the shoes including the heel portion and the tongue. For the blue shoes, Nike paired it off with the Metallic Gold design evident on the Swoosh and Wings. It’s a good bet that the Jumpman follows the same color pattern. The laces are also done in the same shade of blue, allowing them to blend beautifully with the shoes.

The second colorway in the pack boasts of red colors. The only difference for this one is that instead of the blue shading, Nike replaced it with red and instead of Metallic Gold, there is Metallic Silver for the different Nike and Air Jordan logos used.

All in all, there is pretty straightforward. Thanks to the use of classic and well-blended colors, there is a good chance that the Metallic Pack will be branded as timeless along with all the other Air Jordan models available today.

Now you are probably asking: how much is it worth and even more importantly – will they be sold only as a pack?

Unfortunately, no news on those questions yet. The release date and the cost of the shoes – whether individually or as a pack – is still in question as everyone waits for any update. What’s sure though is that they’re part of the Jordan releases 2016, hopefully before the second quarter comes to a close.

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